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    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    Thanks so much for your help! Can you give me a reference track you use and what to listen for? 'sounds better' is a little vague for this Engineer... : - )
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    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    How do you determine better? what do you hear specifically if the crossover is set too high?
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    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    Gentle People While I am really happy with location of my Rel Gibraltar G1s, I have played with the crossover from 30hz to 80hz. The differences are not huge to my ear. Am I using the wrong recordings? What recording(s) should I use? What do I listen for?
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    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    Yes, now that you mention it, used Kharma Exquisites would be very hard to beat, even with new speaker designs!!
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    Audionet Heisenberg Mono Amplifiers

    FWIW I heard the Humboldt and the Stern MAX combo, both driving YG speakers at GTT Audio ( Audionet’s North American Distibutor in New Jersey) and I preferred the Humboldt by a wide margin. I had owned the MAXs for several years prior and have now ordered a Humboldt as well as a result of my...
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    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    Zellatons are amazing, as are the Bayz and Lumen lines. At this level, its almost mandatory to hop a flight to hear some of the best though.
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    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    Philharmonie de Paris playing Mahlers 2nd symphony 'Resurrection' at the Symponhie de Paris on September 25th 2021. A 90 piece orchestra and a 90 voice choir, with 2 soloists and full pipe organ with 32 foot pipes. We were row J centre, where I took this picture. There are absolutely no...
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    Audionet Scientist Series: Humboldt Integrated vs Stern and Heisenberg Separates : Having Your Cake and Eating it Too?

    I would think posing the question (1v vs 3.5v i/o) to both Nagra and Audionet as to which is 'better' might provide insight. Assuming the Nagra is optimal at the 1v output, the real question is whether the Humboldt's performance may be diminished with lower input voltages.
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    CTH-8550 mark2 and Zellaton

    I think its important to realize the amplifiers being discussed here are all FANTASTIC! I've heard the Thrax, the Dart, the Vitus before deciding to carry the Audionet. For me the neutrality, transparancy, and dynamics of the Audionet gear puts it in the lead for me and my sonic preferences...
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    GREAT Overview of (Virtually) All Vibration Isolation Products

    This is all great stuff!! I didn't come across your thread as is searched 'isolation' instead of 'vibration'. Keep it coming guys!!
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    GREAT Overview of (Virtually) All Vibration Isolation Products

    I learned more about the state of the art in Isolation Products in 30 minutes than I have in the last...forever? This is so well done, I didn't want to bury it in the Tweaks forum.
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    CTH-8550 mark2 and Zellaton

    I think the Zs are truly amazing, possibly the best 'conventional' speaker I've heard. One integrated amplifier that has not been mentioned that I think would pair wonderfully is the remarkable new(ish) Audionet Humboldt.
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    An Audio destination map?

    Many many dealers in the NJ/NYC city to put on your map. To name a few Bill Parish at GTT Audio in NJ The ubiquitous Bob V at Rhapsody NYC, Gideon Schwartz at Audio Arts NYC (where one must hear the phenomenally special Zellatons)
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    Can anyone recommend a good 2wx3h rack for audio show use?

    I have now reached the point where my old 4 high rack won't cut it for our next show. I need a new 3 high x 2 wide rack: It needs to have a 250lb/shelf capacity Adjustable shelves preferred. Extra large component footprints. Easy to assemble and disassemble
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    Kharma's 'New' Enigma Veyron Series. How do they compare to the Exquisites at twice the price?

    According to TAS's 2021 directory, they are $437,500 :oops:

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