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    What's Everyone Reading

    Downloading eBooks via my now closed (due to Covid19) local library is the perfect solution to the ongoing SIP edict. Living in the boonies with great books and streamed music is wonderful, and relatively safe.
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    What's Everyone Reading

    I requested this from my local library- waited 6 weeks - it finally became available. Most timely.
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    Improvements from isolation?

    As was mentioned in a previous post, its not just external vibrations we are concerned about; some components generate vibration, particularly transformers which are found in almost every piece of our gear. Stillpoints are designed to absorb and convert this energy into heat, thus quieting the...
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    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    I never said I could not tell the difference between live and recorded. I was addressing the musical enjoyment provided by my system, as well as the ease and convenience factor. I also have to admit, my willingness to purchase $150 seats is limited. Last week, I attended a magnificent piano...
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    Coronavirus ...

    From Wikipedia: The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet’s population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. The 1918 flu was first observed in...
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    State of the Art Speakers and Imaging: Insights on SotA Planars vs Dynamic vs Omni Speakers vs The Real Thing

    Issues in the Midbass with Sound Labs? Really? Not in my opinion!
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    State of the Art Speakers and Imaging: Insights on SotA Planars vs Dynamic vs Omni Speakers vs The Real Thing

    Perhaps I exaggerate, but they seem to be the the electrostatic most often mentioned, whereas Sound Labs are almost never acknowlenged.
  8. MtnHam

    State of the Art Speakers and Imaging: Insights on SotA Planars vs Dynamic vs Omni Speakers vs The Real Thing

    I continue to be amazed that in discussions like this, where ML speakers continue to be mentioned as the holy grail of electrostatics, there is no mention, let alone acclaim, of Sound Lab Electrostatic speakers. While my opinion will be dismissed as biased, I sincerely believe they offer the...
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    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    This topic being completely over my level, I'm wondering if there is a reasonably priced application in my system that would be worthwhile. I'm using a Roon Nucleus+ through a Lumin X-1 with a Synology NAS all connected via a generic network cable (Cat7, 40' length between the Roon and the...
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    Longer Balanced XLR or speaker cable?

    Without a doubt, shorter speaker cables are the better choice. This is done routinely with mono block amplifiers so that they can sit close to the speakers.
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    Audiophile USB-C to USB-C cables?

    I suspect the demand for such an item would be so small that it would not be economically viable to produce.
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Julien Libeer piano Release Date: 31st Jan 2020 Catalogue No: HMM902651 Label: Harmonia Mundi Length: 62 minutes

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