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    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    This topic being completely over my level, I'm wondering if there is a reasonably priced application in my system that would be worthwhile. I'm using a Roon Nucleus+ through a Lumin X-1 with a Synology NAS all connected via a generic network cable (Cat7, 40' length between the Roon and the...
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    Longer Balanced XLR or speaker cable?

    Without a doubt, shorter speaker cables are the better choice. This is done routinely with mono block amplifiers so that they can sit close to the speakers.
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    Audiophile USB-C to USB-C cables?

    I suspect the demand for such an item would be so small that it would not be economically viable to produce.
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Julien Libeer piano Release Date: 31st Jan 2020 Catalogue No: HMM902651 Label: Harmonia Mundi Length: 62 minutes
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    What's Everyone Reading

    AI Superpowers, China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Lee, Kai-Fu A fascinating look into the techno and economic future of the world, and it's implications. A must read.
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    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    Perhaps a final note on my part. I regret having started this thread. In the future I will be more inclined to remain silent.
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    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    Enough said. Using The Internet
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    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    Thanks for the gratuitous insult. Perhaps it speaks more about you than I. Folsom says it better. "I think enjoyment is the highest goal that often is overlooked."
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    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    Back in the day of Harry Pearson and the evolution of the High End Audio, Pearson, in the pages of The Absolute Sound, defined the "absolute sound" as unamplified acoustic instruments and/or vocals performed in a real space, usually a concert hall. The evaluation of reproduction systems (HiFi...
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    Am I alone in leaving my Pass Labs Amp on 24/7/365 (Except During Storms)?

    The damage is only to your wallet. After they have been on about 3 hours they most likely are fully warmed up and I would expect little if any further sonic benefits.
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    Where to go from Electrostatics ?

    "I never cared for the pure electrostatic panel speakers because I found them too thin and skeletal sounding." My experience with Sound Lab electrostatic is anything but "thin and skeletal"! It is unfortunate that in discussions like this Martin Logans are usually mentioned, almost never...
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    The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County

    He's in good hands, well cared for where he is at home and loved. Not a city dog; brought him here once and realized it wasn't right- he needs to be in the country.
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    The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County

    As some members may know, I live in Sonoma County and have been affected by this extreme wildfire. My 40 acre ranch is near the coast, about 30 miles from the fire, but in one of the zones under Mandatory Evacuation because the authorities feared the high winds could send the fire our way, very...
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    "WB" is the abbreviated symbol I use for 'What's Best...' in my browser's header

    Here's a close-up of my browser window with the "Favorites" at the top. Note the WB.

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