Music lover/audiophile since 1960. Retired commercial photographer, now living in the boonies as a steward of the forest, as well as enjoying an urban "pied-a-terre" in SF which enables attendance of the symphony, opera and Jazz concerts
25,000 mile blue water sailor to Polynesia 1978-80. Home based Dealer for Sound Lab & Fritz Speaker, Stillpoints, Teo Liquid cables . Ham radio operator.

Fine wine and and cuisine, tractors, ATV's,
fitness. Music from Glen Gould to Willie to Verdi
Nothern California Wine Country
The Place To List Your Gear
City System (San Francisco)
Speakers:Sound Labs Ultimate 545 Amps: Pass Labs X-260.8, KXR-Twenty Source:RoonNucleus/Tidal/Qobuz/Lumin X-1 server, Power&PC's: Shunyata TritonV1/Typhon QR/various PC's, 1 Dedicated AC line, Keces P8 LPS for Nucleus+ Tweeks: Stillpoints under everything. 6 Stillpoint Apertures and various other room treatments.

Country System (Sonoma Coast)
Speakers: SoundLab U-1PX Amps: Pass Labs XP-20,pre, Pass Labs XA-60.8 monos, ARC REF PH2SE phono. Digital:Lumin X-1 NAS Music Sever, Esoteric K-03 SACD Player Analogue: SME 20/2 table, SME V arm, Koetsu Rosewood Signature, Minus-K BM-8 under TT. Power&PC's: 3 Dedicated AC lines, Shunyata Triton v2, 3 Typhons, Alpha & Sigma PC's. IC's: Skywire XLR, Teo speaker cables. Tweeks: Stillpoints under everthing, except TT, DIY cable lifters. Klaudio RCM.
Retired Advertising Photographer, Audio Evangelist, Farmer


Ultimate Audio
SoundLab Dealer

2 systems: see my "About" page for details.




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