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    New Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac

    Concur..... Looks to busy..........

    Cancelled my Magnepan 30.7 order - sad experience - over 1 year wait and promises broken

    The latest Analysis Amphitryon Signature, ( in the last 4 years or so, and with the out board crossovers) efficiency is approximately 87/ 88 dB and a fairly even impedance at 6 ohms, so not terribly difficult to drive....and they are very dynamic......much more so than the next model down (...

    Cancelled my Magnepan 30.7 order - sad experience - over 1 year wait and promises broken

    This also is very good. Full range Ribbon with useable bass down to mid 20’s...... ANALYSIS AMPHITRYON....

    The All Analog, All Lamm, PBN M2!5 System of JeffreyT

    I have the same speaker in one of my demo rooms. It’s truly a world class speaker that has few peers, in and around it’s price point (35 K MSRP), and indeed compares favorably with even six figure products. Cheers......

    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    Which Clones model are your friends using, the 24 port, or 8 port? Obviously one wouldn’t need a 24 port model, unless there was a commercial need, ( business, etc.) but do both models have the same audio benefits? Thanks.....

    Gregory Petan from PFO Reviews PBN Audio M2!5 Horn Speakers

    Actually the model you have ( M2.5 Symmetrical...D’Appolito driver alignment) is somewhat better , overall than the smaller M 2.5. Better driver integration which helps create a more open and spacious three dimensional space. It’s a cool speaker........ Cheers.....

    Gregory Petan from PFO Reviews PBN Audio M2!5 Horn Speakers

    It’s a great speaker.......nothing out there, that I am aware of, for 30 K MSRP, that can do what the M2.5’s do, over a broad spectrum of different musical genres,.....and easily I might add. Cheers.....

    Lumin X1 flagship server/dac

    Thanks for the feedback.....which one of them is smoother and more relaxing to listen to over long periods of time.......

    The 1st SGM Server EVO Edition in Hong Kong

    Totally agree..... Cheers.....
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    TechDAS Air Force Zero (real final photo)

    It actually looks like there is a slight toe........Out........
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    Tidal or Competitor Without a Computer (like Spotify)

    There are some after market kits now available that allow one to change the U1 Mini to accept an external LPS. Keces is a reasonably priced LPS out of Taiwan (approximately 350.00) . They don’t supply the “ kit”, however I am sure an on line search can point you in the right direction...
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    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Appears to be a substantially modified Technics DD Table........( the new model, SL 1000R)
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    Lumin X1 flagship server/dac

    Do you mind elaborating on the differences between the PS Audio Senior DS and the X1....... Thanks.....
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    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    You have one very happy and contented furry friend.........

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