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    "Aggressive". Fair Criticism of Some Horn Speakers and Designs? If So, What Causes it?

    Its extremely difficult to integrate the response of drivers of different materials and types. Most horn drivers use compression drivers and then hand over to ribbon or other super tweeters, another compression driver of a different material and a cone driver in the bass. Our ears are extremely...
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    Question for Brinkmann owners...

    I have the Bardo with the optional upgraded Balance supply that is in the metal case. The tube Ronit supply on tests did not give apparently good performance and may be a bit noisy. I would suggest the upgraded balance supply which is also solid state like the original but is a bit more...
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    By far the best I ever heard was a Komuro 845 at one of the old New York Noise shows held at Arlene’s Grocery. At the time I believed it was a direct coupled design but have not been able to find info about it since then. The tone of a good 2A3 design with the power of an 845. Simply wonderful.
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    SET amp owners thread

    Those Views!!!
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    Fidelity to source analog guys

    I think the realization that my phono system was “there” was when different albums made it seem like I was playing them through different systems. This was the effect when one album made me think my speakers had a tipped up sound and others made me feel my bass was boomy. In other words I was...
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    Why Aren’t All Simple Solo Vocals Recorded in Mono?

    I I’ve personally never had the experience of being able to isolate instruments or singers during an orchestral piece or opera in a live setting and would think a properly made mono recording would be superior there too. Because of the cutting method I think mono LPs always have the potential...
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    Is an air bearing for a platter really a good thing?

    Among my turntables is a Micro Seiki 1500 that does mono duties in my system. It has a conventional oil and ball bearing but has a vacuum holddown. The vacuum is supplied by the filtered inlet of an aquarium pump but puts a real grip and coupling between the record and the platter. Not sure I...
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    It’s Mr. C

    Thanks for the suggestions. I like Miles Davis from the 50’s and 60’s but what he became in the 70’s is not to my taste. I have a lot of Modern Jazz Quartet and Cal Tjader. If you are looking for the more eclectic might I suggest Paul Horne from the Taj Mahal or Pharoh Saunders, if you like...
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    It’s Mr. C

    Lots and lots of jazz. Little classical and mostly quartets or arias as I don’t like to be hearing a compacted orchestra coming through my speakers. I live in New York so if I want to hear opera I can buy a ticket. Late sixties and seventies rock. I have every album from every rock band I like...
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    It’s Mr. C

    Music lover and audiofool hailing from god’s own land of Brooklyn, New York. After much wasted time and money I am down to all tube electronics and only vinyl as a source for listening. The best audio lesson ever delivered in the form of a question was from the proprietor of Leeds electronics...
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    Is an air bearing for a platter really a good thing?

    This is undoubtedly a fair statement and I have had my preconceptions about turntable designs tossed in the dustbin after hearing a turntable I lusted for bested by a cheaper deck playing through the same system. What I’m getting at is why something sounds better and whether things we think of...
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    Is an air bearing for a platter really a good thing?

    With the researgence of air bearing turntables by Techdas and now Kuzma, I wonder if an air bearing for a TT platter is really a plus. I am not talking about possibilities of air puffing from the pump translating to the bearing, though unless properly accounted for and filtered that can be an...
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    Atma-Sphere MA-2 Amplifier

    If you are interested in the MA-2's I would definitely suggest finding a place to audition them with the speakers of your choice. I'm running a set of MA-1 Deluxes, which seems a rare bird and probably made as a custom order for the guy I bought them from, having the power supply of the MA-2...
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    Who Still Has A Tape Deck?

    I use a tape only system with a nakamichi 600 direct to amps at the beach house. Having to sit through a tape without the constant track hunting like on a CD or MP3 is somewhat relaxing

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