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    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    Those two words sum up audio's greatest sin.
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    The Bryston....yes Bryston, phono good did you say??

    I agree. They are also extremely reliable. A thought I had is that the possibility exists to modify them, so their presentation is a bit less sterile. Maybe a few well placed oil and paper caps here and there along with some other component swaps would help bring the sound to a less clinical...
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    This is insane...the Quad ESL

    I suppose this is somewhat related to the post. My apologies if not. For several years, Dave Slagle has been developing a heavily inspired Quad speaker that is active. The electronics are tube, but it is a ground up endeavor. We showed them a couple years ago at RMAF, but I didn't feel they...
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    How do I know if my current AC is good or bad?

    My experience is that if you play your system at 1:00AM, and it is cleaner sounding than during the day, you have a dirty power problem. A story: I mentioned that condition to one of my wife's relatives at a family reunion because he worked for the power company and asked about my power. It...
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    Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen

    None of the above. K. D. Lang's version is very masterful, but Allison Crowe finds the soul of the song.
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Sorry, my mistake. I do like the Technics moving coils, however. The big problem with them is that it is difficult to find one that isn't a low rider. The same applies to SONY moving coils. Anyway, there are quite a few unsung vintage cartridges to be found. There is a vast amount of once touted...
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    You mean non-mc, correct? Anyway, yes. Also, there are a couple of earlier ones (EPS-MKII) that are good.
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Some of the Signets are definitely sleepers. They, like the Grace, are very good. I have the Grace and several models of the Signet. If, however, you are searching for a non-moving magnet "Holy Grail", I recommend trying one of the better Technics offerings and the virtually impossible to obtain...
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    I was very sick at the time, but better now.
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    True. You wouldn't believe how many times I have walked past my own turntable only to see something that I could change for the better. That is possibly why I don't come out with a new model several times a year. (I am suspicious those who do.) At this rate, I am beginning to think that a single...
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    You are correct, but one important aspect to consider is inherent belt creep. Mark Kelly has written extensively on this subject, and the take away is that physics establish creep as a given with belts. As you write, strings (and other tricks) alleviate the problem to a degree. String slip can...
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    I like precise speed control, but consistency is the most important. After all, there are a zillion records that aren't spot-on at 33-1/3 rpm. I am OCD about speed accuracy on my own turntable, however.
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    After building turntables for over a decade, I remain convinced that LP/platter interface is the single most important aspect of turntable design. Further, I believe that if the end user can improve the design by changing that interface, it says a lot more about the orignal designer of the...
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    Amazon becomes the Second Trillion Dollar Company

    I can appreciate the genius of all of history's robber barons. They did it on the backs of many unknown others of far less stature, but their actions enhanced the lives of many more. That goes for Bezos and the rest of those who follow the likes of Edison, Melon, Rockefeller, and others, but I...
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    Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

    It does require a very stable platform.

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