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    Speakers for Kondo Ongaku... Please Help

    Kondo would sound phenomenal on Aries Cerat Symphonia speakers. Another choice that I have heard that sounded really amazing was the Diesis Audio Roma Triode speakers. Those really surprised me with how life-like they sounded. Haven't heard the big WVL Berlin speakers though...hard to...
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    Could be that the amps you have heard with a shared power supply between channels was just simply insufficient for the task at hand...
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    For me an "actual audible change" is a subset of "perceived audible change" because it is only through perception that audibility is determined (a machine cannot determine audibility to you or me...only we can say "Yes! I hear a difference or No, I don't). It is a subset because of course we...
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    Interesting build quality...

    Similar to the BAT VK200 I had many years ago...putting the boards directly in contact with the heat sinks is not a bad idea at all and it looks like signal path is short. As I don't think it is a Class A amplifier then the transformer is likely to be large enough.
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    Calling AC Kassandra Owners

    What was the previous DAC and what are your initial impressions given that it may change with longer burn-in. I can't honestly remember how long it took ours to reach "opitimal" sound. It didn't seem to be that long as it has been burned in a bit at the factory. You can also adjust the tube...
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    First tube gear- Is a 300b amp a good place to start?

    I always ran the VAC with 0db feedback...turn some on always damaged the sound. So, apples to apples in that regard between the two amps. Your amp has a quite high 5th and 7th harmonic, which diminished (but not missing) 2nd...
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    First tube gear- Is a 300b amp a good place to start?

    From your list I would try the LM amp or the coincident amp. Another to put on your list is a KR Audio VA300...this has the balls and the highs that other 300bs may lack. Another consideration would be the WAVAC MD300. Finally, something with a bit more grunt like an Ayon Spark or Spitfire...
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    First tube gear- Is a 300b amp a good place to start?

    You would have to compare a PSET to a push pull amp for a fair comparison. I have done this with the very good VAC 30/30 and a JJ-322. Both have two 300bs per channel and both are Class A triode without feedback. The JJ is PSET and makes an honest 15 watts (seen the measurements in. Polish...
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    Avantgarde Horn Speakers

    I finally had to give up with my sub because I either got deep bass or mid bass but not both. It seems a servo sub is not really compatible with horn bass. Horn bass sub works I know but it is too large for my space. Maybe with continuously variable phase I could get it as well but mine only has...
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    Homemade Horns

    In my build I found 2nd order LR worked the best.
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    Kang Su Park - designer and manufacturer

    Almost bought one of these a couple of times...
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    Kang Su Park - designer and manufacturer

    I also, in addition to the SWC 1000 (that I no longer have) , I had the OTL reference monos (too hot but sounded great) and I still have a rare, possibly "one off" SWH-650 phonostage...which stands tall against some stiff competition.

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