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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    hello I am very interested in the Pacific DAC but unfortunately had no opportunity to listen to it yet ( only tge GA model which already gave me a good impression and Pac is supposed to be much better in every aspect ?). My current system is high efficiency horn speaker (Avantgarde ) and...
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    Anyone still have CD/SACD Transport with Esoteric drive here?

    Did anyone listen to the new TOTL Esoteric gear : P1X/D1X combo ? Can’t find much feedback yet. Alex
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Hello It has been around 6months I am living with this combo and I am enjoying it very much ! It replaced a Melco mk2 ( and I had Aurender N10 before the Melco). It is very flexible in terms of software ( Roon, UPNP server, HQ Player, Squeezelite etc...) and in terms of storage as you can put...
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Can we use the dual AES input of the Vivaldi or of Esoteric Grandioso DAC with the Extreme pls? Thanks Alex
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Thanks for your answer Emile. Where could I read those feedbacks pls ? Alex
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Hello I understand all the development and the fine tuning of the Extreme have been done using R2R Dacs and most of the listening session described in the thread have also been done using R2R Dacs ( and top Tier ones...). Any experiences with the Extreme on non R2R DAC ? Thanks Alex
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    Chord Hugo TT2 dac and Hugo M Scaler

    On my side I am also using Habst BNC cables. I admit I did not make any comparison with other cables on the Chord combo. ( I did comparison on dCS and was satisfied with them vs oyaide, nordost, acrolink, vovox). Footers- wise,sorry I did not invest at all (yet) on that part. I have cheapo...
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    Chord Hugo TT2 dac and Hugo M Scaler

    More subtlety and nuance with dCS. Also percussion instruments and cymbals were more incisive . In terms of transparency and soundstage on par maybe even a bit better for Chord. ( not a strict apple to apple comparison as I could not use the same digital output of my different sources and so...
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    Chord Hugo TT2 dac and Hugo M Scaler

    I am jumping in as I currently have a M-Scaler, a Dave and a TT2. And I used to have the dCS Vivaldi stack ( but the transport unfortunately which is sensational). Don't get me wrong, I did not switch from dCS to Chord because the sound quality was better but because 1) in my far from perfect...
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    active loudspeakers

    Yes I agree it should sound different but no way for me to test the full active version... The semi active demo has been done with the same preamp/ amp I am using (Accuphase) so it is giving me a better idea. The full active is tempting as it's a all in one with the pros and cons. As I have...
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    active loudspeakers

    Thanks for your feedback. I listened to them twice (the semi active model ) with different gear and different room . I was a bit disappointed after the first listening ( upper midrange and HF a bit too forward. Consequently,unforgiving with average recording ). It was much better the second...
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    active loudspeakers

    Hello I am more and more interested in active or semi active speakers . Did anyone try the Avantgarde Zero XD models ? Thanks Alex
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    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    Hello , Congrats with your Statement purchase! Wondering if you compared the usb and rj45 outputs of your statement in your vivaldi upsampler? Thanks

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