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    Dac Suggestions for Dartzeel Pre/Power Combo

    any of those other more moderately priced dacs i mentioned would be fine choices. and really liked the new Lampi Pacific dac the two times i heard it.....but it was at shows, not in my system with the darts.
  2. Mike Lavigne

    What's less fun and less safe than listening to music?

    badges of courage! what a great picture!
  3. Mike Lavigne

    Dac Suggestions for Dartzeel Pre/Power Combo

    i've had a number of dacs in my room over the last 3-4 years, mated with my dart pre and 458 dart amps, with MM7's. and my previous dac to that was a Playback Designs MPS-5. started with the Trinity dac, then added the Lampi GG v1. the Trinity dac was outstanding, but only PCM. very expensive...
  4. Mike Lavigne

    The Colibri “Master Signature”

    i'm traveling now in Washington D.C.; but i will say that my new Koa Wood MS 1.1mv is low profile, meaning that the coils ride close to the vinyl surface. certainly a disconcerting thing to look at......but seems to work fine. a few of my 9 previous Colibri's had that same low profile. at one...
  5. Mike Lavigne

    Is Wilson losing their marketing edge?

    Not if you are all in with both for the long haul.;)
  6. Mike Lavigne

    Is Wilson losing their marketing edge?

    caesar, to make a actually have to make that point.....especially in a now 9 month dormant thread. all you did was tease something. we assume from the timing you are jumping on the current XWX interest. but, of course, you have not yet explained that. and the significance of what...
  7. Mike Lavigne

    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    if someone wants to send me the Intona Ultimate i'm happy to A/B it with my Gobel LaCorde USB.....and quickly turn it back around to whoever sent it to me. the Gobel rocked my world and switched my digital reference big time. bring it on. not sure anyone really wants to know this information...
  8. Mike Lavigne

    New idea for Bass mode treatment

    or build an oval room with lots of diffusion built in and a ceiling with chambers. which better uses space in a room of a particular size. to use a product like what you show, a room would need to start out somewhat over-sized. but if you have a room with lots of extra width but flat parallel...
  9. Mike Lavigne

    In praise of idlers

    and all this platter-pressing interface talk must include platter composition. how does the platter material interface with a pressing? i know the team that designed my NVS tt spent lots of time doing research on platter materials and found what they felt was the most sympathetic material to...
  10. Mike Lavigne

    In praise of idlers

    we let our ears be our guide. it's very easy to observe the musical advantages of drive leverage, high mass platters, high mass plinths, and inertia have on turntable sound. the platter-pressing interface is less predictable. Win added those rubber strips on the Saskia logically to promote...
  11. Mike Lavigne

    In praise of idlers

    my Saskia idler uses no clamp, i tried my Durand record weight but heard no effect. the platter has strips of rubber to 'grab' the pressing. these strips can be removed if preferred. the Saskia is designed to keep the platter moving while you switch sides. the spindle is higher to make it...
  12. Mike Lavigne

    Saskia model two

    no. the Herzan (Taiko Tana) only senses what it senses. the resonance of the motor/platter moving must travel through the plinth and the footer of the legs to the active device. if that resonance is sufficiently dampened then the active device will not sense it. it has no idea the platter is...
  13. Mike Lavigne

    Saskia model two

    the NVS platter/motor/plinth effectively decouples any motor or platter resonance sufficiently (not perfectly) from the shelf it's sitting on. if you think about it any high level direct drive must solve this issue. whereas belts can have motor resonance and the belt (plus flywheel) decouple it...
  14. Mike Lavigne

    Saskia model two

    the scan lines on the screen of the Tana active shelf readout are completely stationary with the NVS spinning but no music....there is no feedback from vibrations being read.
  15. Mike Lavigne

    Saskia model two

    thanks Marc. and yes; right now the Saskia sits directly on top of the granite/wood top shelf of the Adona rack.....naked. the Saskia has it's own built in decoupling (Win described it as like a stillpoint) footers.

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