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    1 1/2 story bungalow with sloped ceiling acoustics

    If you pop over to audioaficionado. org and go to manufactures then click on wilson audio you will see the member charles is using xvx in a room like you describe.! plenty good reading there.
  2. matakana

    Class A integrated

    Yes but you still have them purple fuses to try and some tube rolling! And we all know what a good fuse can do.
  3. matakana

    Class A integrated

    And what were those ? thankyou
  4. matakana

    Class A integrated

    What did the Levante replace?
  5. matakana

    Class A integrated

    Hows the running in going with the Levante and the like ?
  6. matakana

    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    That should be an unforgettable day for you. BTW have you heard much of Brian Rives of Pinewood audio, just wondering if hes still around?
  7. matakana

    First tube gear- Is a 300b amp a good place to start?

    The latest Elekit 8900 does 2A3 as well as the 300b, This will be a killer SET for the price especially with upgraded transformers.
  8. matakana

    A new signature ...

    Yes but will he be allowed to say !
  9. matakana

    A new signature ...

    Is that some kind of resin floor Bob
  10. matakana

    A new signature ...

    Very Elegant , You ‘lucky Man’ And of course the good Mrs.
  11. matakana

    Furutech NCF FI-50M power-plug revised/improved!

    You should also consider the copper colour solid silver IEC and plugs @ $ 80 each in the U.S version. They also do a beryllium copper version too .
  12. matakana

    Class A integrated

    Sounds good , the Riviera very much appeals to me too , what is the total tube compliment in the Levante , are you able to supply any pics of the inside when you did the 12at7 change, thankyou.
  13. matakana

    A new signature ...

    Even Ekornes Chairs :)
  14. matakana

    Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms - Coming Soon

    Another brick in the wall !
  15. matakana

    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    Yes, very nice indeed, always liked Black/ Gold on a TT. Argento fmr grounding as well, wow.

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