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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Ernest Ansermet's Royal Ballet Gala is my favorite as well. What makes this one different from many of the fabulous RCA's done by Richard Mohr and Lewis Layton is that RCA acquired this recording from Decca so it was recorded at Kingsway Hall by Ken Wilkinson's and is one of his finest...
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Didn't know that Kal. Thanks. It is certainly Grammy worthy. Too bad it didn't win.
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    This one took me by surprise. Read a review somewhere and bought it. You get 2 discs; an SACD as well as a Blue Ray for those that can do 5 channel surround. Don't have 5 channels? No matter, the SACD is a stunner and the works are scrumptous. There are 3 pieces for string orchestra. The first...
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    Axpona 2019

    I'm re-posting to remind WBF members that I have 4 tickets for the Chicago Symphony on Thursday evening April 11, the night before AXPONA opens. The concert features one of the best young pianists out there, Benjamin Grosvenor, making his debut with the CSO, playing Chopin's 1st Piano Concerto...
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    Wilson Audio Thor’s Hammer or Master Subsonic Subwoofers

    Probably because it can't be done in the manner described! BTW, the Geddes system, also known as a a multiple subwoofer swarm, is a method of neutralizing room resonances to optimize frequency response, not time alignment. The method discussed here, namely placing woofers 6 feet behind the...
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    Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

    She is notorious for starting late. For us, she was 1/2 hr late. Agree that once she started, nobody cared.
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    Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

    As many of you know, starting this month, Lady Gaga is doing a 2-year residency at the Park MGM theater in Las Vegas. She offers two types of shows on sequential nights; one is an intimate piano and jazz act and the other is a larger and grander show called “Enigma”, which is a big production...
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Thanks. Missed that and will explore.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Just bought some CAT 8 cables from the Swedish company called "Supra". Very inexpensive. Haven't hooked it up yet but I liked their top interconnects which Steve ran in his system for a few years before he got the MB's...
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    Fun with Metallurgy

    Keith, I have not tried Albert's outlets. There are several others unplated such as the Cruz Maestro outlets (also copper/brass unplated; likely made by Hubbell as are Albert's). However, I'm quite satisfied with the outstanding Sunyata CopperCoNN's. It's still my overall favorite although...
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    recommend a venue for live music

    For Classical Chicago Symphony Hall (Box Seats and Fadim Lower Balcony) Carnegie Hall* (balcony, 1st and 2nd Tier, anything but Orchestra) See: Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Boston Symphony Hall, Boston (rear orchestra)...
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    How do you clean your stylus?

    Sorry guys, you're all way off the mark. The definitive way to clean a stylus is here: check out the video at 5:01
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    RCM's are dead, hire this guy instead !

    Best video post of the day! He did in fact say we were "gonna laugh" and he wasn't lying. To begin, I don't know how many of you use "wood glue" to clean your records, but for some reason he thinks that's a popular technique. Also, gotta love it when he says he has a high end turntable and...
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    Sliding force???

    I've been "ackified" for some time. There is no doubt that Tasos' suggestion to add shielding for components suspect of RFI/EMI noise can have superb benefits. His recommendations have been discussed elsewhere on the forum. I found a marked benefit when I added dual mu metal/copper shielding to...
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    Oscars 2019 | Discussion: Speculation - Prediction - Film/Actor Critic Opinion

    I was stunned that Bradley Cooper and Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) were not nominated for director but Spike Lee was. Shows you why I don't play Lotto.

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