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    The stunning DMA-500 Anniversary Reference monos take center stage

    Guys, I love this thread. Peter's articulate write-up was superb but the OP set the stage. Now, I get the audio stuff, but let's forget about that for a moment. What was the 99 pt wine!! Seriously, this sort of evening is what the hobby is all about. Revealing one's significant efforts and...
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    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    Ron, This seems like a very personal decision. Why ask anyone? One thing for possible consideration- if you keep them natural, you can always stain later. If you stain now, I don't think there is any "going back". But hey, it's great to see it looking so much more real now!! Marty
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    Get ready to sell your Wilson, Sonus Faber And YG's......NOS Bose 901 Series VI in the house!

    These are not Bose pedestals. They are listening stations. You put your head inside to listen while the speakers play. And there are 2 options. The top hole is better sounding because you are closer to the source. The bottom hole brings your head closer to your butt. You can figure out the next...
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    Get ready to sell your Wilson, Sonus Faber And YG's......NOS Bose 901 Series VI in the house!

    I did!! 1972. Then I heard Magneplanars and my audio life changed.
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    across the Atlantic in a 47' Catamaran

    Wow. Damned impressive! Of course, I get motion sickness in a bathtub so I'm just blown away. Is there a crew or is this a solo journey?
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    The DMA-400SV monoblock amplifier

    Sorry Tasos. Fryer makes great electronics, but that doesn't mean he is a reputable historian. Johnson was at Stanford in the early 60's, almost 12 years after the bipolar transistor was invented. He has surely made noteworthy application efforts using bipolars, but he was hardly a "father" of...
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    The DMA-400SV monoblock amplifier

    That was an excellent interview with Fryer, who is not as well known to the public as many of his high end contemporaries. One cannot listen to this and fail to appreciate his accomplishments for which he deserves our respect. I will say this- he's certainly gotten more mellow and less arrogant...
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    Tweaks : A sensible investment or a waste of money?

    I saw that, glanced quickly, and thought it was a toaster!
  9. marty

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Actually, I've been to Mike's a few times and have never heard him put the pedal to the metal even with rock. More importantly, he generally gives the volume remote to his guests and it is they who decide what level of hearing injury they wish to sustain! Many experienced listeners know that in...
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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | The Coen Brothers | Netflix Trailer

    I don't know man, all I can say is that the Coen brothers is an acquired taste and I have never acquired it. Irreverant to the point of warped? Sure. Dark Humor? Absolutely? Pretentious with misguided insights? Yup. And of course, well-crafted and well-acted. Yet these are inadequate to describe...
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    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Hmmm, that's not the way I remember it when he visited me! ;)
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    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    As has been mentioned several times in this forum, the "ideal" frequency response of loudspeakers at the listening position is never flat. Studies by Harmon, B&K (see Fig 5: and many other have shown this quite clearly. What is rather surprising is that...
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    Looking for Preamp

    As long as the subject is preamps, here's one that might be worth exploring..... Everybody knows that John Curl is a legend. Much to my astonishment he's just designed a new tube phono preamp for Audible Illusions. Why is that interesting? Because Audible Illusions has been around for 30 years...
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    Good Music for testing Audio Equipment

    Have to respectfully disagree Ked. Yes, you were the one that turned me on to this recording, and a great recording it is. But if this doesn't sound like piano, sorry, something is wrong. I'm glad kodomo liked the playing. From my perspective it's not what I would consider a world class...
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    The 12 Transcendental Etudes discussed below comprise the 1st disc of this 2 CD set. Incredible playing by one of today's extraordinary pianists. (The legendary pianist Georges Cziffra also recorded these in mono in the late fifties but most audiophiles will prefer the current DGG recording.)...

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