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    My monitor/subwoofer system

    All around nice job, Al (planning, installation and write-up)! I look forward to hearing your system with this upgrade (perhaps this weekend)....
  2. MadFloyd

    RCM's are dead, hire this guy instead !

    I thought I was the only one who used rain-X and polishing cloths.
  3. MadFloyd

    (ERC Re-issue) Bach & Mozart Violin Concertos - Played by Gioconda De Vito

    I've been mixed on the ERC stuff so far. Definitely not the quietest pressings. Christian, did you get the (du Pre) Elgar cello concerto? If so, what do you think of it?
  4. MadFloyd

    The stunning DMA-500 Anniversary Reference monos take center stage

    I'm aware that Peter wrote up his comments on our recent visit to Tasos' house on Saturday. I have not read them (yet) and just having got my internet back working I thought I would quickly write up some (very brief - heading out to a concert!) thoughts . This was my 3rd time hearing Tasos'...
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    Getting into 4K video

    I have the Panasonic UB820 and love it. It replaced my previous Panasonic UHD player (forget the model) which is just gathering dust.
  6. MadFloyd

    Some useful info for any Q series owners

    This looks very familiar. Be careful not to strip any of the screws...
  7. MadFloyd

    Magico M3 latest Changes - Pods with spikes

    Hi Bob, those photos are gorgeous, especially the 1st photo in post #21 with the wooden horns. Which brand and model speakers are those?
  8. MadFloyd

    Visit to Boston to Hear the Sublime Sound of PeterA

    Why does perfect azimuth (as opposed to 'close enough') matter?
  9. MadFloyd

    How Do Horn Speakers Get Their Gorgeous Life-like Tonality?

    Yes, I've settled on the Dart.
  10. MadFloyd

    Dido: No Angel and Life For Rent

    Thanks for the clarification, Ron.
  11. MadFloyd

    Suspended floor and bass node...

    How is the bass different between the two models? I've never heard anyone mention this before.
  12. MadFloyd

    Naturalness of Sarah McLachlan Vocals - Analog Versus Digital

    My favorite SM album is Solace. Great on LP. Have no idea if it was recorded analog but since it was also with Pierre Marchand and prior to Fumbling, there's a good chance it is. I'm guessing the Freedom Sessions are also recorded analog.
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    Dido: No Angel and Life For Rent

    Ron, this is the 2nd time I've heard you use the term 'menthol' to describe a sonic attribute. Can you elaborate? Does one have to be (or been) a smoker to know what this means? On a separate note, what happened to this wonderful singer? She seduced us with these two albums and disappeared.

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