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    Antipodes Audio - Updated Range and Upgrade Program - July 2023

    I have been living with the update Kala K50 for a few weeks. The upgrade has brought a more musical sound to my room. I call it ‘internal dynamics’. The colors the musicians make are more dynamic, more vibrant. My default setup has been to use ROON server and Squeeze player via AES/EBU...
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    What DACs are you using with your K50 ?

    I am using a Bricasti M21 with the AES/EBU out of my Kala K50.
  3. Macattack

    Marc's system

    Great post Marc. I need to head west one of these days. Beautiful room!
  4. Macattack

    Server vs. DAC - How you split your funds between the two?

    The OP’s question is something I never considered. Simply been developing my system from point to point. After an upgrade to my server to be completed this month, I will be almost at 1.5 : 1 Server cost to : DC cost. But I can live with that.
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    What comes first: listening chair placement or speaker placement?

    Do whatever floats your boat folks. For me, since getting the Bass right is the hardest thing to do in most rooms, it just makes sense to give yourself the best chance at that by putting your listening position in its best position. Just one man’s opinion. After that comes the fine tuning...
  6. Macattack

    Anyone have experience using GIK’s design service?

    Recently reached out to GIK, providing room measures and pictures along with the offer to provide REW data. The response was to use adsorption at all first reflection points (side walls, ceiling hips and ceiling center), floor to ceiling bass traps in all corners. Simple, well known and proven...
  7. Macattack

    What comes first: listening chair placement or speaker placement?

    No doubt. It is an optimization that we all know is completed in 1/4” moves. The low end is the most difficult area to get right in any system setup so it makes sense to start with a listening position that gives you the best chance to get it all right.
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    What comes first: listening chair placement or speaker placement?

    Jim Smith, a well known setup man, logically suggests you find the listening position that offers the smoothest bass first. Obviously within your room/space constraints. Then setup your speakers positions starting with a ratio of tweeter to tweeter : Ear to tweeter of 0.85. Then optimize...
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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    All I have been thinking about since our Munich conversation!
  10. Macattack

    Shunyata Grounding System

    Solid wire Stephen?
  11. Macattack

    Frequency response is everything!?...

    Ron, I will bow to the many experts here but I think the answer to your question is the varying sensitivity our ears have across 20Hz to 20K hz frequency range.. Better know as the Fletcher-Munson curves or equal loudness contours. Basically, our ears are much less sensitive to bass and sub...
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    Bricasti M20 or Ayre KX-5 Twenty

    Understood. The Ayre sounds like the better functional fit for you. I have no experience with Ayre gear.
  13. Macattack

    Bricasti M20 or Ayre KX-5 Twenty

    I found the Bricasti M20 to be neutral in my in house demo last year. It did not change the sound signature of my default system using my M21 DAC directly to my amplifiers. If I needed the analog input functionality it provided, I would have purchased it.
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    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    Happy ROON user who did notice better SQ when I started using Squeeze Player in front for the ROON core on my Antipodes K50.
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    Analog Pre-amplifiers in a Digital Streaming World

    Hey Rex, My Bricasti M21 DAC/Pre operates that way. If I were to set its volume to max it automatically bypasses its analog preamp section. This is a topic of interest to me. I have been using my M21 direct to my amps for a few years and don’t feel like I am missing anything. But that...

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