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    2017 Cable Guide

    With regards to the very important wall (Mains)connection to the distributior (Denali S) for example. The company can still make a Sigma power cord with a C-19 connector that doesn't feature NR characteristics for $2.5k. If this is an accurate description of what you can build please acknowledge...
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    2017 Cable Guide

    I recently viewed the 2017 cable guide and although I didn't see any examples of the Sigma EF power cords, I did see a price but no image on The Cable Company website. Does this product exist or not and is it available to order?
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    DAC direct to Spectral Amps

    Yeah, I'm no electronics engineer thats for sure. Though my material point is that; in this 40th year of the Spectral brand I personally would love to see the team create a truly great SOTA DAC that all user would be proud own and use daily. The company's white board in the past has surely...
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    DAC direct to Spectral Amps

    But that would mean that the DAC would not be SOTA. Just for a moment, imagine, that the consumer of this device is a single source person, just digital. The analog outputs are the same quality as those found on the latest Spectral pre amp. The lastest SHHA modules, the fabulous volume control...
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    DAC direct to Spectral Amps

    Marty, I was thinking about what would Spectral's position be if the company were to ever get around to developing their own SOTA DAC. You know, that every safe guard would be exercised so the amps wouldn't burn up because the design could/would support driving those amps without a pre amp in...
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    Shunyata DENALI

    @ Caelin or Grant, Sa-dono pointed out the difference between the Tv3 with in-series filtering (w/o the Typhon) and the Denali with it's parallel filters. Could you please explain the implications for picking either product for a given system. A well known member here on the forum, who has a...
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    Shunyata Delta PC, coming or not?

    Thanks guys, There is definitely an audition in the near future which I'll be exploring the possibilities for my system. BlueFox you have invested a lot of Sigma cords into your rig. I was wondering about something perhaps you can answer. The retail price of the new Sigma NR's are double...
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    Shunyata Delta PC, coming or not?

    Hello Grant, Simply put, I'd like to know what would be an appropriate choice in power cords for my DAC? I currently have the Berkeley Audio Design, Reference Alpha DAC (RS-1) and as pointed out by other posts in this thread and others threads is that a DAC is not a purely digital...
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    Shunyata Delta PC, coming or not?

    Hello Grant, You wrote in the past that when choosing a power cord from the wall to the conditioner that it doesn't necessarily have to be a Delta, Alpha or Sigma. That your new EF cable should be adequate enough to deliver power to the conditioner so than it can perform it's function. Later...
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    Spectral DMC-30 SV

    @Ack, Would you be so kind to post the DMC 30SV official specification sheet. The one posted on page 3-4 of this thread by Wizard was titled "preliminary." As a WBF senior member you have pretty much led the way on specifics concerning the official word on Spectral products and the...
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    400RS driver board update?

    Right, I recall on the subject of amplifiers, you felt that the role of these output devices are of such great importance that their consideration supercedes our choice in speakers and/or pre-amps. But now, we have the pre calling the shots, as it should. With the amplification system locked in...
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    400RS driver board update?

    Ack, In retrospect, I think this isn't the MkII or SV I've been anticipating but is likely the up tick in performance you wrote about in your late model 30SS S2, like a year before the 30SV became available. In any event, I do believe that should a bonafide successor to the 400RS show up...
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    400RS driver board update?

    Funny you should mention it. It has been close to four years since our beloved 400RS mono blocks have come out. I've been waiting all this time for a MkII to arrive, I suspect this may be it. Also, I noticed that the price just went up $1000.00 from their $14k price on Overture's website. I...
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    Computer audio with AES/EBU

    Hello, I'd check out for a perspective on what's possible with a "media server" plus a great quality DAC and that 5 Volt 110 Ohm, AES-EBU connection which from what I understood is quite important. There are so many considerations when it comes to not just crunching...
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    Although its an owners ultimate responsibility to choose how they want listen thourgh their gear. I find that even dangerous things can be accomplished safely as long as all of the elements are understood and account for; but as you know there are no garranties in life. With respect to...

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