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    What movies do you watch over and over again?

    Alien Aliens The Hunt for Red October The Omen The Godfather (all of them) The Hunger Blade Runner and last but not least lol The Rocky Horror Picture Show Those never get old to me
  2. Leif S

    VR-4jr Upgrades… Also Known As Mods!

    I'm pretty sure what he was trying to say vs what his fingers typed were not in sync lol. Welcome to Damon's audio shorthand. I usually read his post before he post it to the forums but I have been moving all week and missed this one. Sometimes when writing bullet points we simplify to much...
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    Endeavor SE Impressions & Recommendations

    Did we see you at Axpona? We met a few people from whatsbest and wondering if you were able to listen to the ESE?
  4. Leif S

    Endeavor SE Impressions & Recommendations

    Thank you! That means a lot us.
  5. Leif S

    Von Schweikert Show Performance & AXPONA 2022 Wrap-up

    Oh I know who they are........can I tell them lol. I'm tired of having to bite my lip all the time. But it really sucks knowing that some of these guys are considered experts are not quali............and I bite my lip again. Maybe it's time.
  6. Leif S

    Von Schweikert Audio

    Hi..... I still haven't heard from you yet. You can reach me at 951-233-9852 All the best
  7. Leif S

    Von Schweikert Audio

    Yes lol.... Just call me please 951-233-9852 We are flooded with emails and I don't see yours. All the best
  8. Leif S

    VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile

    Why not buy a VAC preamp
  9. Leif S

    An Interview with Von Schweikert Audio's Chief Design Officer Leif Swanson

    I think about the footers I put under $10k in electronics and then installed the Center Stage footers at a retail of $6k for all the components, beat my $30k amplifier and $30k preamp. That was a wise investment IMO.
  10. Leif S

    An Interview with Von Schweikert Audio's Chief Design Officer Leif Swanson

    That is not exactly what I said lol. But the performance of the new speaker footers is incredible. I will be trying the new 1.0's under our $25k speaker soon. I will let you know our results.
  11. Leif S

    Center Stage2 LS 1.5 Speaker Footer Experience

    I will try and sit down today and write about my experience with these new footers. I have both the 1.0 and the 1.5's. I'm going to bring the 1.0's to my house and put them under my E-5 speakers:)
  12. Leif S

    What is "fast" ?

    Forgive me, I was kind of speed reading the thread lol. No......that is our $25K Endeavor Special Edition. Aluminium woofers. But all of our speakers have responses like this. The rise time has many facets to it. Internal damping, crossover topology, and the quality of the components to...
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    What is "fast" ?

    Mike you nailed it. Fast for me only has one meaning since I design soeakers. How fast do the drivers start and stop. They say the human ear can start to detect audible differences around 5 ms. I believe this is false but we don't have a way to prove it. The above step response shows a...
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    Bring On Another Thousand OR Leave Life At The Dock

    I would go crazy without my boat lok
  15. Leif S

    Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX First Impressions

    I so want to participate in some of these threads but not sure how to without being looked down on because I am a manufacturer. We have good topics here and many people with different experiences.

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