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    EMIA Elmaformer (volume control) review

    Looks a nice pre amp, look forward to hearing your thoughts on the performance in your system
  2. Lee Henley

    This looks interesting.......

    Here is the guy's web site with all the information and options available. From what I have seen its a well put together TT however as pointed out the motor is from an LP12 and could be a potential weakness. The guy who builds the speed controller for him is a big LP12 fan and does various mods...
  3. Lee Henley

    This looks interesting.......

    Ive seen this TT a couple of times at UK shows and managed to get to hear it albeit through headphones at the UK Leamington Spa show in 2019. I cant really comment too much on the sound as for me its always difficult to judge using headphones as I'm not a headphone user but I can comment that...
  4. Lee Henley

    ROCK Music Albums that had a Significant Impact in your Youth | Including some that you know are ..

    For me it was Zeppelin 1 back in the late 70’s along with the original Sabbath album
  5. Lee Henley

    Your DAC replacement thoughts please

    Ok mate I understand, stimulating curiosity can be an expensive past time :p
  6. Lee Henley

    Your DAC replacement thoughts please

    If I felt the need to change from my Audio Note Monoblock's then I would give it a try but at the moment I don't feel the need to change mate;)
  7. Lee Henley

    Your DAC replacement thoughts please

    Sub $5k Id be looking at the Lampizator Amber 3 myself, a friend has one and for the money they are very good, punches well above its weight
  8. Lee Henley

    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Led Zeppelin from iPhone
  9. Lee Henley

    suitable table for high mass FR64S

    They work really well on a Nottingham Analogue Turntable
  10. Lee Henley

    Lampizator Vinyl Phono stage arrived

    On Friday night I received a package from Greg at G Point audio, in the package was my new rack manufactured by and the new Lampizator MM MK2 phono stage. This is the latest revision in the smaller case and has solid state rectification. It was late when the courier showed up on Friday...
  11. Lee Henley

    Tungsten Grooves Audio vibration isolation feet

    Looks quite an interesting product but I feel the price they are asking for one small footer at £1350 could put quite a few people off. A set of 3 would be £4050.
  12. Lee Henley

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    The HFT Supreme Fuse which I use and a good many of my friends in the UK is 3.15 A Slow Blow
  13. Lee Henley

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Improvisation in place mate plenty of beer in the fridge including Guinness on drought :) Hope we can get through the situation at work but I do feel for most across the world and not just the U.K.
  14. Lee Henley

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Have you not heard mate the pubs are closed in the U.K. As for the Mac it will be changed at some point all depends if we have to go on the government Furlough scheme when I have to close the factory temporary or indefinitely

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