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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm

    Hi all, I would like to update that, my tonearm finally arrived, it is really a piece of art!
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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm
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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm

    My post on 26 May stated that Alfred could be contacted via email. I have communicated with him just today, regarding to the delivery issue and still pending for the waiting. Anyway, I can assured that he is keep working on the tonearm production.
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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm

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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm

    Just got replied from Alfred, I was told to have my tonearm being sent out soon. Thanks a lot.
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    Ordering a Bokrand Tonearm

    Dear Alfred, hope you are well. I did placed an order for a tonearm in April on eBay. Sent you many message through eBay and still got no reply. Would you please provide any updates?

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