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    Sound comparison of Burmester 909 mk5 vs 911 mk3 . Thoughts appreciated!

    Burmester owner here: Tho I've not heard the 909, I've seen a number of Burmester experts in audio forums contend that 911 monos sounded better than a single 909. Enjoy the journey!
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    Synergistic Research Tranquility Pod

    I have the Tranquility base under my source components (Mac Mini, + hard drives) and have been very pleased.
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    Who has what responsibility when a home audition is requested?

    What about large speaker demos? Is at home demo even feasible?
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    Experience with Burmester 911 as monoblocks

    Sujay, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’ll consider upgrading the preamp first, then have a listen to a second 911.
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    Experience with Burmester 911 as monoblocks

    Hello, My living room is 19 x 24 feet x 15 feet high. I'm very much enjoying my present system, and am considering adding a 2nd 911 into the system. My gear is all inside a cabinet, so there are space limitations. If I added a 2nd 911, there would only be 1-2 inches of space above each amp. Does...
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    HDTracks Downloads that are worth the upgrade?

    The Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Wonder albums all sound excellent and are upgrades to Redbook. Many of the Elton John offerings are also very good.
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    My Burmester Reference Line Set-up

    Amazing set up and pics! I'm envious! Is this in your home?
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    My present interconnects consist of 2-3K retail Synergistic Research cables and Isotek power cords (approx 1-3K each). For the Transparent demo, I heard the Ref XL speaker cables + Ref XL interconnects to the pre-amp and amp. For the AQ demo, I heard the Firebird speaker cables + 2 power cables...
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    Peter, The Transparent cables were calibrated to my system. The Transparent Ref XL is 17.4K/10 ft The AQ Firebird is 17.5K/10 ft MB Ultra=25K/10 feet I presently own Synergistic Research CTS speaker cables.
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    Ron, I'd say the Transparent cables provided a minor improvement heard when I added them in and when I transitioned back to my regular cables, whereas many tracks provided an "Oh my" moment with the MB cables. The MB cables revealed clearer highs and improved bass. On some albums, I had to turn...
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    Count me in as a convert and fan of the MasterBuilt cables. I recently auditioned the following speaker cables in my system: Audioquest Firebird Transparent Ref XL MB Ultra speaker cables + power cord to the amp The MB Ultras were clearly a step ahead of the others. I'd describe the music as so...
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    looking for guidance between Ayre MX-R 20 mono's vs D'Agostino Progression Stereo amp

    I had the MXR's (before the 20 upgrade). They were in a cabinet with open doors, and got very hot to the point where they were shutting down with use.Just a consideration.
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    Does anyone use the Linn Klimax DS

    Linn Klimax I have the Linn Klimax DSM and felt it outperformed dcs products during demos in my home. Once its set up properly, its easy! Love it!
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    Alexx concerns

    I upgraded from Alexia v1 to the Alexx a few months ago. Despite break in and professional alignment of drivers and positioning, I'm not really satisfied with the sound. In particular: A- The bass is very subdued compared to the Alexias. Its there, but its very much in the background. Even...
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    LINN Klimax DS3 vs Lumin S1

    I have the Linn Klimax DSM 3 and love it. I found it to sound demonstrably better than the DCS Scarlatti in a home demo. Easy to use with lots of flexibility in setup. Sounds great with my Wilsons

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