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    Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet

    Thanks Joe. I just might be convinced to try a set with that offer....
  2. Kingsrule

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Yes...we all know this
  3. Kingsrule

    Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet

    The model inscription (LS 1.0) is a very nice addition. I assume the 1.5's will have the same. Very discrete. The company name on the opposite side however, not so much. Not into it at all
  4. Kingsrule

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    For a second system buy a SGC Sonictransporter for $1500 and be done with it........
  5. Kingsrule

    Sublime Sound

    Sidebar but I have to say excellent camera work Peter
  6. Kingsrule

    RIP - Heartfelt thanks to Paul Chambers of Goodwin's High End!

    How I miss the Audio Vision days, when everyone was in their prime.......
  7. Kingsrule

    2020 Golden Ear Awards: Allan Moulton

    Al Moulton was a 3rd tier sales/gopher at Goodwins..... he doesn't have an independent thought to his name. Great guy to run for coffee or lunch though.......
  8. Kingsrule

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    610 bass more focused and deeper bass over 571 for me. Dynamics greater....
  9. Kingsrule

    Big Meeting

    Verona during the Opera Festival would be awesome...
  10. Kingsrule

    StreamFidelitys Setup

    Very tidy!
  11. Kingsrule

    Sublime Sound

    Could some please define a system that sounds "natural'? It seems this is now Peter and Al M's new descriptor of a great system.
  12. Kingsrule

    The Sound of Analog, the Sound of Digital

    Oh, Rudy's right

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