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    Violinist Alena Baeva with three tapeheads

    If the concert was just a little closer...I would have been there too. Thanks Larry for sharing. Ki
  2. Ki Choi

    Need 01/88 firmware for Studer A810

    Send me you email address via PM. Ki
  3. Ki Choi

    STUDER A80 Bearings and where to buy them - HELP!
  4. Ki Choi

    MBL 101e

    Hope it will stay current for many more years! Judging from how long it took to go from 101E MkI to MII (about ten years I believe), it will be at least two or three more years. I got mine when they first came out.
  5. Ki Choi

    Any Forsell Air Reference LTD owners here?

    I like happy endings. Good luck. Ki
  6. Ki Choi

    Any Forsell Air Reference LTD owners here?

    You will see the shaft in the far right of the photo. This is after I had removed the retainer ring. But to get to the retainer ring, you have to remove the glued cap. I will see if I can add another photo.
  7. Ki Choi

    Any Forsell Air Reference LTD owners here?

    The Kenny G? I have rebuilt the air bearing on my Forsell after talking my wife into visiting Stockholm during our vacation one year so that I can meet the man, Lennart Bergqvist in person. Lennart was Dr. Forsell's right hand person who ran manufacturing. He is also a jazz drummer. I...
  8. Ki Choi

    MBL 6010D users?

    Any members use a 6010D? How do this old design stack up to more modern preamps available today in performance?
  9. Ki Choi

    Studer A820 in for repair!

    Curiosity in me want to know too! Ki
  10. Ki Choi

    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    Krelle, What would be the rough cost to fully SMT treat a room with about 21'W x 30"L x 12"H dimensions?
  11. Ki Choi

    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    One of the challenges I had when I had the Maggies, was the 7" tall cellos and violins... How did the size of the instrument imaging work on then?
  12. Ki Choi

    Gotham Audio Studer C37 60HZ 1960’s

    Hi Roger, Thanks for the C37 rack info. I had been using a Rubbermade rolling cart that fits almost perfect for C37 on the top section and a shelf underneath to place a PS Audio Power Re-generator P1000 with the Multiwave II option for going from 60Hz input AC power to 50Hz output power with...
  13. Ki Choi

    Labor Day Kittens (2018)

    Happy again Nice!
  14. Ki Choi

    Technics SP-10MK3

    A shameless plug... you too can have a Technics SP-10Mk3 I had originally posted. It is still for sale. I will consider friends and family deal for the interested WBF member.

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