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    Center Stage 2

    Just browsed the posts from the past day or two. The top of the Stacore is slate about an inch thick. I Think that the there may be some confusion about it being Stainless steel. Based on my success with the LS footers, im anxious to try the CS2 with my Stacore Advanced as well as my HRS...
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    Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet

    Ive been burning in my LA1.5 feet since last Tuesday. MY speakers are a set of Acapella Campanielle 2 Horns which ive been using with a Lampi Pacific and Lampi Pac 211 monos for the past few years. My system sounds terrific to my ears, providing daily enjoyment. I wasn't quite sure what to...
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    Being able to Mod a meraki MS switch for Audio is very interesting especially if this allows the continued use of POE on the switch. Can you point me towards the forums where this is being done? Thanks!
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    Berlin Philharmonic Digital Hall Subscription Free for 30 days

    Hi Guys, I have a subscription to the digital concert hall and have been streaming the concerts to my Roku and then into my main system (Roku to Toslink cable into a Pacific DAC, with HDMI into the Projector TV ( no sound on this path)). We really enjoy the performances, however the sound is...
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    FTA Interconnect with Bocchino XLRs!

    I am continuing to love the FTA Loom ( USB / XLR and SC) as the SC continued to refine during break in, the impressiveness of the soundstage continued to improve, most notably in the area of bloom and detail of the top end. The FTA are special and I feel they are SOTA at a relatively...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    I have been running the pacific 211 monos for a couple years and the regular version prior to that. I had the chance to go to the pac version due to a shipping mishap. There was a couple month gap between the amps, however I felt the pac version was quieter and more detailed than the...
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    Testing and embracing Stacore

    Im running my digital front end. MP64 and Pacific on Stacore Advanced shelves on a wood floor. I think that stacore brings big benefits in the situation where the shelf is doing all the work. II would expect the rack to add even more, however the platform alone brings a lot of performance...
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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    I am using the stock footers on a Stacore Advanced. Have also used an HRS M3x to good effect.
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    Devore Reference

    O/ref was paired with luxman at the last dc audio show. It was one of my favorites of the show. A spectacular looking speaker.
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    What about all those SMPS?

    When a system is running well, it is so much more engaging then when it is just working ok. Id like to just set it up to be optimal all the time, so that the engagement factor is just there by design. Your observation re the ISO transformer is good info. So maybe an ISO between the...
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    What about all those SMPS?

    Sure, Absolutely. However, since many are spending big money on switch upgrades, are we really ignoring the bigger problem? How do we cut out the haze from all the 'other' stuff. That may be a better investment vs a LPS upgrade on an audiophile switch, while leaving the rest of the house...
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    What about all those SMPS?

    I guess the best methodology would be to develop an audio side and a house side of the power grid in the house. If sucessful, then one could avoid needing LPSes on all the Access Points, Firewalls, ONTs and the rest of the house - Just let this be dirty, and just focus on the audio switch into...
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    What about all those SMPS?

    Marc, You bring up a good point. The step up/down transformer at the street pole may or may not also provide isolation from the neighbor electronic pollution.
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    What about all those SMPS?

    Hi WBF So over the past year, Ive been watching all the forum talk about avoiding Switch mode power supplies in audio, in an attempt to avoid electrical noise. Numerous examples about related to ONTs, Edge Routers/Firewalls, Ethernet Switches booth Audio Grade as well as the rest of the house...
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    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    How did I miss this?!? Awesome!

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