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    AF3 Premium arrived

    A review of AF3P from highfidelity .
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    Zero Distortion: Phono Shootout – Thrax vs FM 123 vs Audio Tekne vs

    Hi Bonzo, Is there any website/link for Fabrizio Baretta's phono ? Who can I contact to get more information ? Thank you. Regards, jsn
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    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    The SRA in the above picture measured the angel between the edge the cartridge stylus and the surface of the vinyl. It was different from the Michael Fremer 's picture which measures the angel between the center of the cartridge stylus and the surface of the vinyl. I adopted MF's approach.
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    SPEC GMP-8000 Measurements

    YES. I have the SPEC TT. I spent a few day to check if there was any sound coming from the SPEC TT. It is lucky that I did not hear any crunching or rumble noise . It runs very smooth. :-) . . Let's share about how I enjoy the music playing through the SPEC TT . . The first thing that...
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    SPEC GMP-8000 Measurements

    . Hi Volken, Yes. I agreed with you that your presentation would give more complete picture for the measurement. WRT about the speed stability, the tension of the string would affect the performance. . SPEC told me that the suitable tension would be found by the initial rise time to nearly...
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    SPEC GMP-8000 Measurements

    Hi volken, Thanks a lot for the sharing. I'm sorry that I do not know how to interpret the picture. The wow & flutter for techdas af1 measured in HFN having the peak wow and flutter # 0.01%/0.02%. . For the sake of simplicity, may I know what is the peak wow and flutter # for your...
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    ZenWave Audio D4 Interconnect

    Hi Dave, I just wonder if you tried to use the D4 conductor to make power cable . How does it sound ? Please share Thank you. Jsn
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    Reference Turntable, The Step Beyond

    Thanks a lot for your help Tango. Your comment is honest and felicitous.
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    Unable to achieve setup perfection with the Ikeda 407

    Hi iaxel, From vinyl engine, the it-407 has its own null point setting: pivot to spindle (mm) 295 effective length (mm) 307 overhang (mm) 12 inner null point (mm) 65.303 outer null point (mm) 110.623 . You might try to follow the setup an see if it can help.
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    Reference Turntable, The Step Beyond

    Hi Tango, It sounds fantastic. I found that you made a video for AF1P/SAT/MSL Plat/Scheherazade. Do you think you could make a video with EMT 927 for the same Scheherazade record section ? Thank you.
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    Spec Corp Jp GMP-8000 tt

    A few things that would be reminded: 1. It can only mount one 12" tonearm 2. The gun metal is very easy to be oxidized and lost the bright golden colour but it is possible to restored to its original colour with special lotion from japan and some patience. 3. To order a tone arm base other...
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    Hi Jack, Good guess.;‑) Your sharing about the lower class of the MB cables is really helpful. I'd check it out from MB's site further. Thank you.
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    Master Built-What are Owners Hearing That They Didn't Hear With Other Cables

    Hi , I found many rave reviews about the MB's Ultra and Signature series. But I could not find any comment about the Reference series and nothing about the Performance series. Would it mean that the Reference and Performance series' performance falls behind the top lines in a big margin and no...
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    Marry Christmas with our new master tapes release !

    Merry Xmas, May I know which Orchestra plays the Reel Tape classical volume 3 ? CLAUDE DEBUSSY NOCTURNES JEAN FOURNET . Thank you.
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    Audio Exotics Show 2016 - a show like no other

    Dietmar went to another path. He built the power distributor/filter. All Trinity gears connected to this box. He also brought his own cables (power , IC and SC)

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