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  1. J

    Focal Kanta 2

    Dallas area Steve
  2. J

    Focal Kanta 2

    Anyone heard this speaker yet? Thoughts?
  3. J

    New speaker named Lyra

    I will be hearing the Lyra shortly... will keep this thread posted if anyone is interested.
  4. J


    Don't know about you Ron, but all this room stuff is giving me a headache
  5. J


    So to summarize, basically every room has modes, the bigger the room the lower in FREQ the modes are, the stiffer the walls then the more reflected sound there is which are exacerbated at the room modes. So stiffer walls are not necessarily the best for all applications, neither are lossy walls.
  6. J

    Beolab 50

    Not sure what to think about the tweeter with a vertical waveguide..... I doubt it is anything like the 90 based on the number of drivers and tweeter implementation.
  7. J

    What ever happened to the Greek Audiophile Society? Anyone remember the movie?

    I wonder what happened to some of the original members. I was always intrigued by the member who talked about the power supply being 50% of the sound, 230, 230 all the time. Anyone knows what happened to him?
  8. J

    Alexia Series 2 Debut

    Looks like a typo. June 22 can't be both a Tuesday and a Thursday.
  9. J

    B&W at Munich 2017

    That's awesome to hear, I wish I could have witnessed that pairing. I am a big fan of the new D3.... I have the 802D3 paired with Cary05/Boulder2060.
  10. J

    more legendary service from Boulder

    Cary slp05 Good synergy. Above that is emm labs dac2x and tsdx After that is BW802d3 with 800d3 incoming. Wiring is 2/3 Audioquest wel
  11. J

    Did everybody jump ship?

    Read your review, very nice. Not sure I need any more upfront staging however but I can understand your preferences. What kind of coin did you end up spending on the new stack (pm me). I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the leap. I'm very happy with my stack.
  12. J

    Did everybody jump ship?

    Wowza So how is it and what did you compare it to?
  13. J

    Did everybody jump ship?

    V1... How's the v2? I have newest firmware though

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