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    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    2 weeks ago I had an upgrade on internet speed from 200Mbps to 500Mbps. Then I decided to see if the speed was really changed. Used Speedtest. All Wi-Fi was below 100Mbps. The cable from the company router connected to my laptop was showing around 500Mbps. So I removed the Ubiquiti Router that...
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    Equipment Rack Location

    Years ago I read Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound book. There is one chapter about it. His opinion is that moving the rack out to a side place is better even if you use cheap speaker cables.
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    Top of the Line Tube Amplifier Companies?

    I’d add Audiopax.
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    APL Hifi DACs - how does this brand compare?

    I have the DSD MR MK2 dac and the DNP streamer. I couldn’t be happier. The most natural and analog like sound I’ve ever heard. Before that I had a Lampizator Big7 dac and more recently the Aqua Formula Dac. No comparison. I am about to ship the units to APL to be upgraded. The streamer has new...
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    Robert Koda K160 Amps are on their way finally!

    Good tip. I went to listen this Eric Clapton track and the keyboard is very much present starting at 56s.
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    Esprit Cables

    Impressive look. Please tell us what you thought about it. I use Sablon here. What cable will Eureka replace?
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    Esprit Cables

    Oh boy!!! The Gaia ! I love my Eureka IC. Waiting for another pair and speaker cable. It will be all Esprit Eureka here. Haven’t listen to a more natural cable than Esprit.
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    My Birthday Cake From Tinka

    Happy birthday Ron!
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    Zellaton Plural Evo

    Myles, the Zellaton presented the Stage speaker in 2017. YS Japanese amps em pre were driving it. amazing system.
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    Zellaton Plural Evo

    Ron I heard Zellaton in Munich 2017. It was best of show to me. It was the Stage model. Amazing
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    A fun photo for the day

    2 years ago took from my beach apartment in Cabedelo, Brazil.
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    What is the best KT88 tube available?

    KR are the best if EAT is not available. In US In EU
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    What is the best KT88 tube available?

    Much better. And the KR too. The KR are more reliable than the EAT. I lost some EAT.
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    What is the best KT88 tube available?

    i own Audiopax M100 monos. Each mono uses 6 Kt 88. I have tested many KT 88. In my opinion there is clearly a winter: EAT. second place, very close to EAT, is KR KT 88. third, but far from them, is Gold Lion.

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