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    Tesla solar and Powerwall to power audio system?

    I have run my system off two PowerWalls for over a year, during evenings when solar is not available. The system sounds great on full battery power, although the preamp is battery powered to begin with. When on full battery, the amplifiers are virtually noise free. You can put your ear next...
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    Thorlabs Isoplate/ Newport CM-225

    I am using the Newport CM-225s as a replacement suspension for a Goldmund Studio and have had that set-up for about 15 years. Works very well. Did an article about it for The Audiophile Voice when I put it all together.
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    Your top 10 favorite amps (inspired by LL21's post)

    The Goldmund Mim 12 is a DAC, not an amplifier.
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    Some issues with Myles Astor's recent review of the new VPI Classic DD TT

    There is a sweet spot for these suspensions that you have to satisfy for them to achieve optimal isolation. Newport has a new isolator called the Vibe that is passive and that appears like it should fit in place of the springs. And it is sold in weight classes that should allow it to work...
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    Some issues with Myles Astor's recent review of the new VPI Classic DD TT

    Marty, If you have a Vibraplane, one option is to remove the springs from the Goldmund and turn the chassis and plinth into a sand box that is rigid and level, and sits on the Vibraplane. If you want to go Newport, its the CM 225-3 set. The only problem with the Newports is that you have to...
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    Some issues with Myles Astor's recent review of the new VPI Classic DD TT

    I still use a Goldmund Studio having replaced the chassis and plinth with loaded carbon fiber composites and the springs with three active pneumatic isolation and leveling modules from Newport Corporation, and having replaced the power supply with a TriPoint 24 volt unit. Cogging has never been...
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    Magico Mini 2, Q1, Raidho C 1.1, or TAD CR 1

    Sonus Faber Extremas were $12,500 with stands in the early 1990s. I still own a pair. I have heard the CR-1s, Magico Mini 2s and the Q1s, but under show conditions and with entirely different source components and amplification from each other, and from I have at home. Based only on what I...
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    The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time

    A similar notion, but I would replace the Magico Mini with the Sonus Faber Extrema. The Extrema's crossover was a first and unique in that it does not use a capacitor in the signal path. It's ABR implementation is also unique in that it uses the voice coil and magnet assembly of its passive...

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