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    Tobian Soundsystems - Switzerland

    I traded my pair of Verity Amadis S against the 12 FH and that`s it. No money added on my part. I have downsized substantially and have no longer the Tobian speakers or very expensive electronics. Very happy with more affordable gear and feel that I do not miss expensive high end devices at...
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    Tobian Soundsystems - Switzerland

    I bought a demo pair, fully broken in. JP
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    Looking for a more organic dac

    If you (I am obviously) only are using the USB input I can absolutely recommend the Computer Audio Design (CAD) dac. Outstanding dac, very organic and musical sounding device. JP
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    New speaker choice

    I have the Nenuphar with a Triode Lab EVO 2A3 integrated. These are truly outstanding speakers! I have owned Kharma, Verity, Kaiser etc and have used all in the same dedicated listening room. I am tempted to say that I have never enjoyed my system as I am now. Been in this hobby for 40 years...
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    Giant Custom Horn Systems - How they sound and issues with sonics

    Please tell them that they must remove the plastic on the lampshade :). Stunning room/view. JP
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    Speakers for Kondo Ongaku... Please Help

    I am a very happy owner of the Cube Audio Nenuphar speakers. I am using them with a Triode Lab integrated amp with 4 watts with among other superb tubes the Psvane Acme 2A3. I have used Kaiser, Kharma, Verity etc speakers in my dedicated listening room. My current system lets me connect with...
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    Jonathan Valin says the Soulution 760 DAC is the best he's ever heard. Your Thoughts?

    JV reviewed the MSB many issues ago and really liked it. It opened a door for him reg how good digital playback can sound if I remember correctly. If he likes the Soulution even better, well then it is his opinion. JP
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    What`s ridiculous is that you want one of us paying subscribers of this magazine to send you the review so that you can read it for free.... You can buy a pair of the Saga but cannot pay GBP 22,-? The mag is ad free and get’s its income from us subscribers. JP
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    Best EL34 amps

    I am using my Nenuphar Mini with the Viva Audio Classico 300B amp with Psvane ACME 300B tubes, it sounds fantastic. No aggresiveness what so ever, just great sound all the way. Open, organic and (almost) full range. One can not expect miracles from an 8 inch driver.
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    Best Small Horn speaker? Horn speaker lovers. (Piano sound)

    I have these, they are superb: 12FH | Fullrange Hornspeaker | Tobian Soundsystems ( JP
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    Tobian Soundsystems - Switzerland

    Congrats on what I am sure is an amazing preamp. Gunther most certainly knows what he is doing! Superb products. I can firmly recommend the Tobian 12 FH speakers, crazy good! Enjoy your system. JP
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    Tobian Soundsystems - Switzerland

    I am a very happy owner of the Tobian 12 FH speakers, IMO the best speakers I have had in my listening room by far. Superb craftmanship and Mr Tobian is a very friendly and competent person. JP
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    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome :). I am also looking forward to some « horny talking». Your system is looking great and I love the color. The Viva amps are also great stuff. JP
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    Japanese Audio: How do the best compare?

    Good amps, but nowhere near Kondo or the other exotic brands mentioned here. But they do sound "tubelike"... JP

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