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    Runners and Riders

    Managed to find a NM of this record. Wonderful piano playing, beautiful performances. Recording is good not great, but the music… Thank you general!
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    Grand Cru arrived

    Thanks! Makes sense, as the current mode is aimed at low impedance cartridges and the Grand Cru does not fall into that category.
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    Grand Cru arrived

    Hey Gian, Are you connecting the Grand Cru to the P1? If so, are you using its current mode inputs or voltage mode input?
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    Help identifying a 20+ year old cartridge

    Looks like a Benz Micro Glider.
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    Let's Get A Consensus Of The Best DAC's In The Market Today

    From my expereince, only having the best of both worlds (tubes and solid-state) will allow reaching the best digital reproduction. As I see it, it's similar to having multiple cartridges/arm/turntables/phono-stage in the analog world. And that's something that many of us have and enjoy. That is...
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    CH Source decision - P1 or D1.5

    As part of my CH-based system build, I came to a crossroad to decide what's next. My budget allows one CH (series 1) box. Digital: I currently own a C1.1 with a roon-ready ethernet card. I stream using Qobuz and my own digital library (ripped CDs and high-res downloads). I have a large library...
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    bonzo75 HiFi System

    As you've said before, it very much depends how close you are to concert venues and which artists perform. Classical music on digital has matured to a level where only the best engineered and pressed LPs can better them.
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    bonzo75 HiFi System

    I was only mentioning that there are many great performances that don't cost an arm and a leg. I own multiple performances of classical pieces that I love and I enjoy listening to different performances and explore them. For me that's one of the highlights of this hobby.
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    bonzo75 HiFi System

    I was not referring to sonically good sounding performances, only the aspect of the classical piece performance. Peter was "complaining" about the high prices of rare collectors recordings. BTW, my "mode of work" is that if I listen to a great performance and find it's worth investing in a NM/M...
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    bonzo75 HiFi System

    There are so many great performances of classical music pieces, that I would not go "hunting" for rare and record collectors performances that cost an arm and a leg. BTW, most of the rare recordings are available on digital. I own multiple sources to have an option to listen to any performance...
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    Tedeska DST201ub

    A bit OT - I have tried various mono cartridges - e.g. SPU Mono, Miyajima Premium BE and non have impressed. They were OK, but my stereo cartridges always sounded better, if on a mono reissue or a mono original pressing. Only when I've got the Miyajima Infinity did I "discover" the pros of a...
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    Tedeska DST201ub

    I'd be interested to hear impressions of Tedeska's mono cartridges vs Miyajima's.
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    If you could have one album re-mastered what would it be?

    Solomon playing Beethoven’s Hammerklavier. HMV mono from 1956.
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    Christmas gift is at the door, new turntable to be set up!

    Congrats! Looking forward to hearing your impressions. Looks like an LFT1.

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