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    I'll visit the show as well (Thu-Sun), I'll be wearing a shirt (not sure which yet).
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    iaxel replied to the thread Runners and Riders.
    Managed to find a NM of this record. Wonderful piano playing, beautiful performances. Recording is good not great, but the music… Thank...
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    iaxel reacted to shakti's post in the thread Basis turntables with Like Like.
    5 years old thread... anyhow , I am just enjoying a Basis Debut Gold Standard as a new arrival in my classic turntable corner, very nice...
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    iaxel replied to the thread Grand Cru arrived.
    Thanks! Makes sense, as the current mode is aimed at low impedance cartridges and the Grand Cru does not fall into that category.
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    iaxel reacted to gian60's post in the thread Grand Cru arrived with Like Like.
    I am using with P1, i tried in current but is too open and too light and i am using in voltage at 500 ohms and seems perfect
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    iaxel replied to the thread Grand Cru arrived.
    Hey Gian, Are you connecting the Grand Cru to the P1? If so, are you using its current mode inputs or voltage mode input?
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    Looks like a Benz Micro Glider.

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