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    Echole AC/IC cables - initial findings

    Good for you, and congratulations! / Marcus,
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    Kaiser Kawero Classic

    Spot on. Kaiser is "all about the music". They are not speakers for the ones chasing constant improvement of typical HiFi qualities - resolution, transparency and "speed". They're all about forgetting about all that :). / Marcus,
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    Kaiser Kawero Classic

    Agree. This is all in line with my experiences as well. We're carrying Kaiser (as well as CH and Absolare), where I've also auditioned TAD Reference several times. We've got a pair of TAD Compact Evolution One here (client trade in) which I've listened to at length recently. These are great and...
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    Kaiser Kawero Classic

    These speakers are as different as any (dynamic) speaker could be in my opinion. Kaiser are among the most organic, homogeneous and fluid speakers on the market. TADs are more monitor like, having one foot in the professional world and the other one in ours. / Marcus,
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    ch precision new integrated amp

    Like I said - not really comparable :). The performance, flexibility and build quality is on another level basically. / Marcus,
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    ch precision new integrated amp

    I honestly don't believe that you can compare CH I1 with the Gryphon Diablo 300. These are products on different levels. We've had Gryphon here earlier as well. The CH I1 is double the price though, where you should demand more. / Marcus,
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    ch precision new integrated amp

    Our I1 arrived last week...:cool: / Marcus,
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    Any used A1 for sale

    We've got a 100% mint A1 (demo) EU-version available. / Marcus,
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    T+A PA 3100 HV VS Gryphon Diablo 300

    Indeed (!), but not within the budget mentioned. / Marcus,
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    Ansuz Acoustics: P-A-C-D

    We've got various models from the P, A, C and D-series available at discounted prices. These series has recently been replaced by the version 2 series (P2, A2, C2, D2) All cables are in mint condition. Please visit this link for a complete list...
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    High End Munich 2018 á la Perfect sense

    Our annual report (in Swedish of course) is now online. Fortunately, our visual language is somehow universal . Then there's Google translate of course, which is sometimes your friend. Here you go:
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    High End 2018

    For those of you on Facebook or Instagram, we're still adding content from the show: / Marcus
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    Absolare Integrated

    See you in Munich :) / Marcus
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    BAT VK-655SE Power Amp

    Hi there, Are you happy with your current BAT? What speakers and sources are you using? / Marcus
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    Absolare Integrated

    A shot from todays event in Copenhagen co-hosted by Perfect sense (Sweden) and High Performance Audio (Denmark). Speakers were the magnificent Stenheim Alumine 5. / Marcus,

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