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    ZYX Ultimate Dynamic with Accuphase C47 without Step-Up ?

    Hello, Someone knows if I can connect ZYX Ultimate Dynamic cartridge with Accuphase C47 without an additional Step-Up ? Thank you very much Ultimate DYNAMIC Technical Data Type Moving Coil (Dynamic) “REAL STEREO” Generator System Cryogenic Treatment Temperature: -196 ℃ (-320оF)...
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    The right preamp for a Mark Levinson 333

    I can say I love my N360S. And I don't use the DAC of my K-03XS...Grimm CC1 does good his job too...
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    The right preamp for a Mark Levinson 333

    What do you use like XLR cable for Mark Levinson ? I use Furutech Lineflux XLR and Furutech DIY FURUTECH FP-S55N LIMITED EDITION / FURUTECH FI-12L (R) / FURUTECH FI-E50 NCF (R) ...
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    The right preamp for a Mark Levinson 333

    I agree with you. I have the 360S, do you think N35 is better thant N360S ? Thanks
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    Flux 50 NCF (G) for Gold - new product from Furutech

    Very funny..I use the in the same time two Furutech Flux 50 NCF Rhodium and Gold for my preamplifier....It's better....
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    What Cartridge(s) Is Everyone Using

    I have two Audio-Technica ART9. I had before one Audio-Technica AT-OC9MLIII. I will try ZYX Ultimate 4D 0.24 mV SB2 I think.
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    CD Transport vs Music Server

    K-03XS has not the sound of the old Esoteric now. To have a very good sound with the Esoteric, I have worked the electricity : Isotek and power cable. It depends system too and loudspeakers. Best regards Thanh-Binh
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    CD Transport vs Music Server

    I have listen Lumin as streamer. I am disappointed. The best streamer I heard is the Aurender A30. I have an Esoteric's DAC is beat by an old DAC...very funny...20 year's old....I would talk about the Mark Levinson N360S.... Search the error... I prefer vinyl and never like...
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    Furutech Nanoflux NCF C19

    No problem. How can you know that Jeff Rowland Model 625 is supplied with C19 connector ? I will not change all my Furutech Flux 50 NCF R by Furutech Flux 50 NCF Gold, I think. I only change it on my Jeff Rowland Corus preamplifier. This is connected with the Hijiri Takumi. All the Furutech Flux...
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    Furutech Nanoflux NCF C19

    I use the Furutech Nanoflux NCF with my amplifier : Jeff Rowland Model 625. The sounds seems to be more transparent with extrem bass and extrem treble. I want to say : This cable seems to extend the two extremity of the bass and of the treble. Sorry for my english. I can not try Flux-50 with my...
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    Any Esoteric fans here?

    I haven't heard this new product. I just know series's XD are a big improvement over XS series. They don't use AK chipset now. But I have doubts about their new DAC because the old DAC Mark Levinson N360s I have is better than the Marantz SA7S1 and the Esoteric K-03XS too. I use the clock Grimm...
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    Rowland 8t in for audition

    I have Magnepan 3.7i with Jeff Rowland Model 625... They are in synergy.
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    Any Esoteric fans here?

    I have listened an Accuphase DP-550 in my system. No evident differencies between my old Marantz SA7S1. I have listened the Esoteric K-03XS in my system....too big are the differences. Sold my SA7S1, buy a Esoteric....but the old Mark Levinson DAC N360S is better than the Esoteric...
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    Turntable Dilemma.

    Magnepan are very excited and musical. Great for home theater...

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