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    Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing A Statement Superintegrated Amplifier

    Buongiorno Guido any new update on this matter? I am sure everybody is eager to know more about your ongoing testing experience with the JR Daemon... Thanks and Saluti, Riccardo
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    Coronavirus ...

    from 1 to 14 days usually...
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    Jamahal Private Resort in Bali, Indonesia

    Ayana Hotel is a great venue. If I am not wrong is the ex-Ritz Carlton in Bali... Try the Rock Bar it is an experience ;) Riccardo
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    Jamahal Private Resort in Bali, Indonesia

    Hello Ron Bali is a real paradise: enjoy your time in there. I suggest you, f you have the chance, to visit the Rock Bar Bali (Ayana Resort and SPA) at sunset... Bring your camera and let me know your feeling ;) Enjoy, Riccardo
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    Am I crazy to buy speakers of 22K $ without auditioning.

    Hello Thomas you can find all the details in the attached picture. For us, foreigners, the English details are: SIAV 2019 - SHANGHAI from 12 to 14 APRIL 2019 divided in two sections: The 27th Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi EXPO and The 4th Shanghai Portable Hi-Fi EXPO at these...
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    Am I crazy to buy speakers of 22K $ without auditioning.

    Hello Thomas there will be an audiophile exhibition in Shanghai as well in April (can check the dates for you, if interested)... Maybe you can visit Shanghai... and then Guangzhou to fully satisfy your curiosity about this amazing speakers... Regards, Riccardo
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    I have updated my fantastic Model 8tihc, which I play, for info, preamps

    Rocoa: are that Avalon speakers? Which model do you use? Thanks, Ric
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    well-balanced & great soundstage

    Paolo noted your comments with many thanks... Therefore i must try to test Soulution equipment soon...:p Riccardo
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    well-balanced & great soundstage

    Thanks for your reply Paolo. So this new solution is the best sinergy with your Eidolon Diamond so far? Did you ever tried, at one point in the past, a solution with Jeff Rowland electronics and Cardas cables? Appreciated your comments. Thanks again, Riccardo
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    well-balanced & great soundstage

    just gorgeous! enjoy it always, Riccardo

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