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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    I live out in the country, all newer underground wire, my own dedicated transformer for our house, etc,, so I thought trying an ENTREQ couldn't help much. I bought a used Olympus Minimus and plugged it to the outside barrel of my Audio Research Anniversary 40 and wow, just wow! Good, bad, thick...
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    Welcome to Triode Wire Labs

    Another welcome to Pete and TWL. I use his Obsession power cords on all my gear and am thrilled with what they contribute. Great cords!
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    The Uptone Audio EtherRegen audiophile switch

    Uptone Audio has done WONDERS for my digital. They keep their prices low by hand building their own gear. Yet always respond to questions from customers. Perfect gentleman. As far as the new EtherRegen...YES PLEASE!
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    The Uptone Audio EtherRegen audiophile switch

    They sold out batch one and batch two in less than an hour! They are now taking orders for batch 3 due in January. Every time I buy something from these guys, its aways a nice upgrade.
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    What an ass!

    Are we just looking at gorgeous young behinds? Because I've got a FAT OLD ass.
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    In praise of idlers

    AND, unlike other gear, we are invited to mess with it!!! We get to try whatever arm, motor, cartridge, dampening, phono cables, etc. We only have our ears to trust. I had a lot of help, but I built my latest. All of us can hear the difference between aluminum and stainless steel arm pods...
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    In praise of idlers

    I REALLY hope this subject keeps it's momentum. I changed my turntable from an after market belt drive system to a Teres Verus rim drive ( albeit on a 50 lb. platter), and the difference was phenomenal! It gave my Lyra Atlas the drive and heft to the music I'm not sure I could have achieved any...
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    Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors

    I bough one NCF 48 silver from a member who was not very fond of it. I don't have a cord to mess with that is worth trying it on now. I do have some raw Furtech S022 power cord. My system does get silver if used in some places. I have used the IEGO 8095 silver in some places. Everything else is...
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    Comment by 'hi5harry' in media 'IMG_4355.JPG'

    Only have one channel built so far. The GIANT black boxes have 18" JBL woofers in them, mid towers are Dynapleats, Supratek Cabernet Dual pre, 2-Mivera amps, Velodyne crossover,Doge tube dac.
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    Most under-rated guitarist of all time?

    Richard Thompson- very prolific and tours every year
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    I'm in love with what plasma tweeters bring to the musical event. Years ago I tried to talk a friend out of buying the Acapella Ion tweeters, to no avail. Once I heard them, I was floored! Now, after selling off several body parts, I own a pair! I even had a friend change out the iec, to a...
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    Intro/ribbon drivers

    I'm building a pair of line source ribbon speakers as a project. One nice feature with the Dynapleat ribbons is they roll off around 50 hz. so I can tune without any crossover if it sounds better. The dual JBL 18 inch woofers( the giant black boxes) will do the grunt work.
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    What is your opinion of Line Source speakers?

    More in the" just goofing off" category, I just built a line source in the garage system. Eight full range Dyna ribbons per channel.
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    "High End" Speakers you have owned

    Magnaplaner 1d's, Soundlab A2X, Vandersteen 5a's, Von Schweizer VR8's, Consensus Audio Conspiracy's, Legatto's, Evolution Acoustics MM3's with Acapella Arts Ion tweeters( current). Loved every one of them!

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