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    Experience with Burmester 911 as monoblocks

    Hi Sujay, Are your 911s (A) originally configured as mono-blocks, or (B) two stereo sets with the special jumper cables? Do these two different combinations of (A) and (B) give the same level of performance, as a pair of mono-blocks? I have a stereo 911 now, wondering if to buy another one...
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    What are the square feet of the 2100 series? I understand they are Boulder's in-house design and machining. Are there any secret recipes or technology in these feet; use of special elastomer, carbon-fiber, etc? Are they removable? :)
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    +1 Agree. Power cords are like the icing on the cake! ;)
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    Hi, This dream comparison remains a mystery then! o_O I know Gryphon sound pretty well because I have heard it many times. Boulder is elusive. A friend offered to sell me his Pandora and Mephisto two years ago, but they were not really my taste. So I am looking around if some interesting...
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    LL21, Did you eventually compare the Mephisto with the 2160? I am more familiar with Gryphon than Boulder. I would like to hear your comments. Thank you. :)
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    Thanks joey-v for your comments. Btw, what are the retail prices of 2110 and 2160; has there been a price increase since it was launched at $54k and $59k, respectively in 2016? Also, i read some forumers saying that doubling the "rails from 110V to 220V sounds better". Can somebody explain...
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    Any owners of 2110 and 2160 who can share user experience? I have been offered an opportunity to buy a 2 year old set. What brands' cables go well with them? Thanks.
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    Burmester B38 << New Loudspeaker >>

    It's a replacement of my 961 MkIII. It is 961 Mk IV called B38. :rolleyes:
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    Devialet sam for Burmester 961mk3 speakers

    Hi, Just hijacking this thread to ask about the 961mk3. How do you remove the side firing woofer grill? Any techniques? Thank you.
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    Telos GNR and GNR-mini - What are the differences?

    Hi, If you already know what these are, you will know these two grounding boxes by Telos have 6 and 2 ground binding posts for the GNR and GNR-mini, respectively. However, the bigger GNR has two QNR (both update-able to current v5.1) to feed (what?) to the grounding circuit, while the GNR-mini...
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    My Burmester Reference Line Set-up

    I tried the big Telos Quantum Damping on my 151. Now my 151 is so analogue sounding and sings beautifully; no digital sibilants and harshness; "NATURAL" and fine details have returned. If you use a digital source, try the Telos. Telos Quantum Damping
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    1110 & 1160

    :) clap clap clap!!! Congratulations! Even though I did not buy the Boulder, I am happy for you. Enjoy!
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    1110 & 1160

    Wow! How did/could you clip a 300W amplifier? :eek:
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    1110 & 1160

    Oh my god! How is it? :eek: ;)
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    My Burmester Reference Line Set-up

    Nope, Sujay, I have not compared both before.

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