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    The WBF humor and joke thread. Have you a problem with alcohol or an obsession for sex
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    Saskia model two

    Marc, Where have you found this iteration? Thanks
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    In praise of idlers

    Ddon't forget that all of these old idler have been built when the main in Europ was 220 volts maximum. So powering them at 210 220 volts give a better result, cleaner treble...
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    In praise of idlers

    This man has worked a lot on lenco to ameliorate them. I have got one of his last plinth in massive aluminium of 160 lb. He finally built his statement turntable as seen on the picture. 400 lb.
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    In praise of idlers

    From Jacque B on lencoheaven Comparison between Goldmund Reference TT and PTP based LENCO PROTOTYPE: First, I have to mention that the Goldmund (GRTT)is now, after more than 10 years in my hands, at its best condition. I have used a new oil for the bearing, which is a personal creation, and...
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    In praise of idlers

    You must go down the column
  7. gilles13

    In praise of idlers

    An exemple taken on lenco heaven of à man friend of the designer of the goldmund référence turntable discovering idler drive after experimenting with verus drive. -
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    Audiophiles mostly aren’t music fans

    I am going to keep the caliper as they are in the living room with a lot of furniture and it would be difficult to install bigger loudspeakers.
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    Audiophiles mostly aren’t music fans

    No,I expect to send them to Henk at the end of the year.
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    Audiophiles mostly aren’t music fans

    I love music, have around 1300 classical vinyl and CD. I often go to concert. I became an audiophile I think at around 14 years old, after the different times my grand mother obliged me to listen to E Caruso on old 78 records on an awful phonograph. The sound was total crap and she was thrilled...
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    Favorite Rolex?

    My gmt master II is 28 years old and I wear it all the time,. I swim in sea 12 months a year. I changed the glass 2 times , got it as new, polished each time and am very satisfied.
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    THE Greatest Coloratura Mezzo Soprano of all times?

    M'y favorite mezzo soprano is Teresa Berganza. I got the chance to hear her at about 3 to 4 meters in a big place. Fantastic power.
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    Paul McGowan Prefers Digital

    What I wanted to say is that in the sixties there was a quest for quality and some firm have kept this practise. But with CD it's more difficult to find good recording which sound natural. They exist but you must search for those. I write this as I have 2 subscriptions to classical musical...
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    Paul McGowan Prefers Digital

    In fact the most important thing in records is the recording. In analog there are many good recordings specially from small firm, harmonia mundi ...or the old decca. Today records are made with the idea that the listener is going to hear it on computer or personal audio...and the quality is not...
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    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    I bougent m'y Ap I bought my Apogee caliper signature in 1990/1991 and they works perfectly. I am going to send them to Henk to get them overhauled at the end of the year.

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