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    Cables for Pilium Leonidas and audio solution Virtuoso M speakers

    I use Argento Cables with my Pilium setup. I don’t think you can find another cable that combines finesse., neutrality and organic sound better than the FMR and FMR Extreme Edition by Argento.
  2. geopolitis

    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    Great system. Can you elaborate a bit about the differences with your previous setup?
  3. geopolitis

    Outstanding Sound Improvement with Videos before-after/ VYDA Cables

    A system of such calibre deserves much better power cables than Wireword. That becomes even more obvious after someone watches the videos above....
  4. geopolitis

    Seeking an R2R DAC recommendation for a tube preamp and tube amp system

    To be honest, I wouldn't bet that the APL DSD-MR mk1 is better than the APL DSD-SR mk2!!!!! I agree with you regarding the Pilium ELEKTRA dac but I have to admit that the APL 's latest dac sounds fantastic. Hopefully, a friend of mine will receive his ELEKTRA in the next couple of months so I...
  5. geopolitis

    Seeking an R2R DAC recommendation for a tube preamp and tube amp system

    Not yet. I have compared the APL DSD-SR mk1 with a pre-production version of the Pilium ELECTRA dac and the Pilium clearly had bigger sound than the first generation of APL DSD-SR. Both of them sounded extremely natural but the Pilium dac was better in terms of bass, scale, resolution. Of...
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    Seeking an R2R DAC recommendation for a tube preamp and tube amp system

    I would suggest you try out APL DSD-AR in your system... IMHO it sounds as organic and analog as a R2R dac but without some of its deficiences.
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    gryphon .vs. luxman .vs. pilium

    It’s going to be a tough task for Boulder 2160 and Constellation Centaur to compete with the Pilium Iasonas. I am really curious about your final decision...
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    New amplifier for Tidal Piano G2

    A friend of mine used to have his Piano Cera driven by a set of CAT amplifiers. When he switched to the Piano G2 he thought that valves could not really drive his speakers with the resolution and speed he was looking for. So he switched to a Tidal Preos/ Impulse set. He and I thought that would...
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    Pilium Elektra DAC arrives at Rhapsody

    Any new feedback regarding Pilium Elektra's performance?
  10. geopolitis

    Pilium Elektra DAC arrives at Rhapsody

    Can you give us some more details? Have you compared Elektra with any other digital source?
  11. geopolitis

    Tidal Audio Speakers cables

    Regarding the Organic cables, they have a different sound signature compared to Argento cables due to the use of Copper instead Silver material. They are definitely the best sounding cables in their price range but they lack the resolution and speed of the higher priced Argento models. I am...

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