Fred Crane

Jun 6, 1966 (Age: 55)
The Place To List Your Gear
I'm in the trade, so it's a long list. Ascendo, Audionec, SoulSonic, Destination Audio, Trafomatic, Grandinote, Onkk, Falken'Ohr, Synaestec, Ilumnia, Thrax, Gekko, Lessloss, RD Acoustics, Theoretica Applied Physics, Dava, etc.


Industry Expert

Fred works with other talented individuals at Prana Distribution in Cambridge and Gloucester Massachusetts.
We currently import Trafomatic Audio, Destination Audio, Kora Audio, Ilumnia Loudspeakers,
Audionec, Onkk Turntables, Dava Field Coil Cartridges, Soul Sonic Loudspeakers, Ascendo Two Channel
Loudspeakers, Camerton Audio, Falken'Ohr Racks, Synaestec Audio and Nodal Power Solutions.

We import what we love. Each of us has a steady diet of live music...left to streaming live during the past year
of woe. The technical approach is always of interest but second to the level of thrill we feel with each listen.
We hope to share these experiences.



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