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    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    Hi Marc, My room definitely corresponds to your description of a full furbished SMT room. What Calia.. (sorry too complicated a name :-) ) said is correct, with 4 you have a minimum, with 6 you are not looking back, with 8 you wonder how did you ever live without them... Now, as with many...
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    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    Angled ceiling, yes, definitely interesting (ideally at least 10° but less also has an effect). But the granite wall as in the picture is going to have very little impact in my opinion. It will only impact a little the upper octave, so hardly noticeable. Certainly not in the critical midrange...
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    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    Can't and don't blame you for that :-), no worry.
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    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    i am to come across the first guy or company that is unhappy about SMT. They thrive by word of mouth marketing, nothing else as you can see from the website... I may help you in first instance on getting into contact with Matts and some recommendations for acoustics. Please pm me.
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    How did you fall in love with Classical Music?

    40 years back! Probably via a not so evident route: I got very hooked on Tchaikovsky's 4th symphony and listened to it over and over again and wondered why, in contrast to pop music, i would not get ennoyed by it. On the contrary, with every listen i learnt to hear, place and appreciate every...
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    Aries Cerat Kassandra II Ref DAC: Wow!

    The Helene is the smallest DAC of Aries Cerat. It is effectively a ladder DAC as well with the top grade Analogue Devices AD1865N-K, 8 of them per channel. The Helene features a E280F triode-mounted tube per channel in the output stage and a tube rectifier. It can in a short while be heard at...
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    Best sound in Munich

    You are welcome to come to Belgium, near the city of Lille (with a Eurostar stop), to listen to this system at a customer's place who is the happy owner of the bass horns since today :-)
  8. 15578501418413362565418584094750.jpg


    Aries Cerat Symphonia speakers and Erevus S bass horns
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    432 Evo Aeon

    Hi Gemini, i have the 432EVO Master effectively, a wonderful server.
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    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    The purpose is effectively to demonstrate with the Genus in the lobby as a headphone amp. I think Stavros has not yet decided with which headphone company he will pair the demonstration. Maybe he shouldn't and let visitors bring their own gear
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    My three State of Art Amps Gryphon Mephisto, Kondo Kagura and Robert Koda K70 II

    All, please note that i know of a Robert Koda 15ex preamp and a pair of Koda k70II, all in excellent condition, for sale. Send me a pm if you want more information. Thanks
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    SMT room at Audio Limits

    Well, looking at the website I read that its dimensions are very living room friendly and yet "Stillpoints Aperture have been found effective from 40 HZ to 40K HZ. " When it is too good to be true... But wait, only measuring 57x57 cms and costing 600 GBP!! In other words, 4 times as expensive...
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    SMT room at Audio Limits

    Putting absorbers on the side wall at first reflection point is actually 'old school' acoustics. It got implemented in the second half of the 20th century and is still very frequently recommended by acoustical firms. Not because it is required, but because it is cheap to make and the concept...
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    Aries Cerat Kassandra 2 signature arrived in Munich

    Hi Michael, happy to share the Aries Cerat-table with you! Michel
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    My New Stacore Rack

    Looks stunning Jarek! Makes me realize I urgently need to update the picture in my signature...

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