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    Sablon Audio has a dedicated forum

    And so far, they don't disappoint you, right? His power cord is pretty heavy though but it's just perfect for my DAC..
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    Sablon Audio has a dedicated forum

    Mark is a very nice gentleman..I hope his products will be complete your systems. :)
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    Aesthetix Eclipse Linestage vs. Atma-sphere MP-1

    The only complaint about my Aesthetix vs. Atma-sphere preamp is the handheld remote control. Atma-sphere comes with metal and elegant looks, pretty heavy while Aesthetix came with a plasticky one. Few days ago, I contacted Jim and he told me, he has the new metal handheld remote control and...
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    Sablon Audio has a dedicated forum

    I have a Pacific dac. Been trying to swap different power cord but I always go back to Sablon’s top of the line PC. I don’t know why as if my dac is married to Corona reserva elite alone even when I introduce it to double or thrice price PC. In my systems, this PC does make my dac sings.
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    Aesthetix Eclipse Linestage vs. Atma-sphere MP-1

    I have a habit to make direct phone calls even when I have to stay late due to different time zone. I hope your problem will be solved very soon.
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    Aesthetix Eclipse Linestage vs. Atma-sphere MP-1

    Yes! Jim White always responds to my email be it complicated or just a simple question. Ralph Karsten also provides top notch after sales service like Jim.
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    Aesthetix Eclipse Linestage vs. Atma-sphere MP-1

    I have been listening and comparing both great preamps for more than a month with great enthusiasm. My front end is a vintage Forsell Air Reference CDT, LDM server, Lampizator Pacific Balance, Atma-sphere MA-1 and Audiokinesis Azel Tower. The Aesthetix Eclipse comes with dual power supplies...
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    Canary Reference two or M 500. Anybody heard these amps?

    I heard the Canary M500 driving Endeavor E-5 at a show..there was no sign of under power. It's muscular yet very musical. On big orchestral tracks, it sounded amazing.
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    OTL amp owners

    Atma-sphere MA-1 with Audiokinesis Azel Tower..a perfect couple. :)
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    Differences Between Chinese and Russia 6AS7 Tubes

    Just make sure to correctly identify which are the input tubes. My MA-1 came with long chassis and before I started playing them, our local tech marked the position of these input tubes properly. I sent these pair to factory for an upgrade to mk3.3 version. I then replaced the stock input...
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    MA-1 Lumen Reduction for the Red/Yellow Lamps

    Two weeks ago I have my MA-1 checked by a reliable local tech. The issue were: 1. R channel red light is dimmer than the L. 2. R channel hummed and I had to tap the 1st and 2nd driver tubes to silence it. I consulted with Ralph and he is again, correct. The tube socket were too loose. As for the...
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    LDMS Server

    Hi Goran..glad that you made that decision. I have mine since November last year..I should say, Lucas provides the best customer service. He stands firm on his product and shares everything he knows without hesitation. He is a genius in this field. I replaced the stock fuse with SR Blue and...
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    Lampizator DSD DAC

    Hi Adamaley, the Tak 247b give more airy top but the KR 5U4G has more grip and fuller sound. It's systems dependent. One day, I really would like to try Tak 300b. Mine is Balance version without need to sell my kidney to obtain quad matched Tak 300b. :p
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    What Cables Are You Using With Atma-Sphere Gear & Why?

    I use FTA (Final Touch Audio, from Serbia) balance from DAC to preamp and from preamp to MA-1, I use Acoustic Zen silver reference. Very satisfactory result so far. :)

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