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    Cartridge Choice Dilemma

    If you love your system but are looking for more transparency I would move further up the Soundsmith line. A few years ago I bought a Lyra Etna SL in a failed attempt to improve on the Ortofon Anna I was currently using. I have never fought so hard to integrate a phono cartridge into my system...
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    Audioquest Hurricane Power Cord

    My blue Hurricane Source cable says- Hurricane and Source on the plug end and says Source on the IEC end.
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    Audioquest Hurricane Power Cord

    My understanding is that the original Hurricane had dark red/rust colored sheathing. The sheathing color was then changed to a very dark blue about 4-5 years ago. Maybe post a pic for clarification of the exact color.
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    AIAP: New Audio Industry Publications Association

    When auditing good, old fashioned, print circulation reach is always part of the overall equation- as you well know Lee. Measuring digital subscriptions and reach is nothing new, has been going on for years, and is just an additional line item in determining your gross reach and- traditionally-...
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    AIAP: New Audio Industry Publications Association

    They pay their bills based on the advertising rates they charge which are, in turn, based on their audited circulation. This is how virtually every legitimate print media business is structured- not on what amounts to a version of an ”advertorial” approach to product coverage and review- which...
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    best thing i have read in a very long time....

    Excellent topic Mike, Thanks for presenting it. The world, business or otherwise, is always evolving- never standing still. I think that younger, less experienced employees, in any business, greatly benefit from in office time and interactions. Some may be able to graduate to working remotely...
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Convoluted logic but, well, OK…..
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    New BMW i7 EV The New King Of Luxury ?!

    Mercifully, he left BMW in 2009.
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    I’m sitting here listening to my system and am absolutely delighted with how it sounds, I couldn’t be happier. I’m having a lovely Sunday afternoon. Perhaps you guys should go listen to your systems, of whatever flavor, and try to be be happy enjoying the music.
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    The best sound I have heard was found at Jacob Heilbrunn's house.

    If I’m not mistaken, when Jacob heard the 2150 monos he described them as “Jesuitical.”
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Looks like the moderator took a coffee break…..
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    "Emotionally Engaging"

    ^ What he said. A system that is capable of evoking a positive emotional response will greatly enhance the listeners’ enjoyment in and engagement with his/her favorite music, but of possibly greater importance- allow the listener to discover and enjoy new music they otherwise may have avoided.
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    In the US one of the constant headline news items is about rising inflation and how it is now affecting everyday life. Up until just months ago the Fed was trying to raise inflation. Now in an overdue pivot they are frantically endeavoring to lower what they wanted to raise just last year. They...
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    I don’t know how you can unhear something. If a component or wire you audition in your system is better than what you have it is EXTREMELY hard to forget.
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    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    I’m seriously considering a Grand Master with the Master 1 EQ. Can you describe the difference between the Master 1 EQ and the EMM Labs unit?

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