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    Introducing Center Stage 2M

    Was curios what 10/1000th of an inch equates to. It’s equivalent to five typical coats of automotive paint. I share your skepticism Ron
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    Natural Sound

    Guys, the horse is dead already. Lay down your clubs. This thread’s original topic is one of the most fundamentally important and thought provoking for any true audiophile. Peter took on the monumental task of addressing the question of what is Natural Sound and went on to explain in great...
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    Telefunken NOS 6922 tubes are they worth the Money?

    The Tele CCAs are pretty incredible.
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    What amp are you driving the Susvaras with? They need ALOT of power, not high headphone amp power but speaker amp power. I’m driving mine with 200WPC off the speaker taps. They Love it!! More importantly, they need it to sound their best.
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    Orotofon MC Anna Diamond cartridge

    More goodness to come with the Anna D. Mine took a while to settle down. I found that running it at the recommended VTF of about 2.4G helped enormously in shortening break-in time- I had run it at different lower weights for the first 30-40 hours which may have delayed break-in. I do think the...
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    darTZeel NHB-108 Model 2 - The Best Stereo Amplifier In The World Just Got Way Better!

    I’ve been listening to a 108 Model 2 for months now as my 468s are being built. I previously had an original 108 which I upgraded with SCNP, which clearly improved the amplifier. Next I got a pair of 458s, which clearly improved on the 108 w/SCNP. The Model 2 I’m listening to now definitely has...
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    Dartzeel and Headphones I checked my invoice and I got- 6’ Ballista Octet for Hifiman Susvaras with Cardas connectors. $635.
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    Dartzeel and Headphones

    I’m using a Dart LHC-208 to drive my Susvaras from the 208’s speaker outputs via custom headphone cables with spade connectors. They LOVE the power- 175W into 8 ohm. They NEED the power to come alive. I will put this combo up against anything, including Mike’s new MSB/Stax rig. The DAC section...
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    Jonathan Valin says the Soulution 760 DAC is the best he's ever heard. Your Thoughts?

    Perhaps he’s relevant to those readers who share his short attention span.
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    Chick Corea, winner of 23 Grammy Awards, dies at age 79

    Listened to ”Romantic Warrior” in college. What a rip snortin’ wild and crazy ride that was. Never heard anything like it before. Haven’t heard “Romantic Warrior” in a long time, pretty sure I still have the record. ”Now He Sings, Now He Sobs” is an all time favorite. Listen to it all the time...
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    Jonathan Valin says the Soulution 760 DAC is the best he's ever heard. Your Thoughts?

    You don’t know JV very well. Best for him lasts til the next issue comes out.
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    Just lost another furry family member the other night...

    Loosing a pet just rips your heart out. I’ve had to say goodbye to several dogs over the years and it’s always simply horrible, but- “it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Time is a healer.
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    The Uptone Audio EtherRegen audiophile switch

    Now that’s freakin’ clever!!!
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    I own the the 3 piece Nadac stack and am finally happy with my digital- never thought I’d be saying that! The single box Nadac at $11k is an absolute steal and a great place to start.
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    MSB Select II arrival

    When I got my Merging Nadac stack recently I auditioned several power cords for use on the external power supply and clock. Among the finalists I compared the AQ Dragon to the ZenWave PSR-14. The PSR-14 is Dave’s silver ribbon PC for source components. I’m a huge fan of the AQ Hurricane PC...

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