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    Who Still Has A Tape Deck?

    ..Nakamichi 480Z...good condition but has been in mothballs for decades
  2. es347

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    “Acoustic II”...Above & Beyond
  3. es347

    The First Man

  4. es347

    Amazing turntable photo collection.

    ..I’m a FB member and the link worked but did not see TT photos
  5. es347

    RMAF Show Reports

    ..unlistenable? ..exactly...what do you know? sir are in what’s called a vast minority
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    We Did It

    ..I can’t help but think back to what...2010, when you and I as former members of the Ultra High End forum?...and your asking my thoughts about the possibility of a new and improved audio forum. Frank, your partner on that defunct forum was contacting me as well. Now look at’ve come...
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    Great rock audiophile records...why so very few?

    ..Toto “Mindfields”
  8. es347

    ROCK Music Albums that had a Significant Impact in your Youth | Including some that you know are ..

    ..saw Cat in ‘76 during his Majicat tour here in Indy. The opening song was The Wind...great concert..
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    Best in-wall cable for in-ceiling/in-wall speakers?

    ..I ran Belden 12ga speaker wire to all my in-ceiling whole house speakers and in our HT. You can’t really improve on the resulting sonics IMO..
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    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Smashes Auction Record, Selling For $48.4 Million sure reading skills must be lacking...carry on gentlemen
  11. es347

    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Smashes Auction Record, Selling For $48.4 Million

    ..didn’t you say he was a friend of yours in your first post? :)
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    Whats Best Forum Monthly Newsletter-First Installment To Reach Your Email Today

    ..very pleased to see an email from WBF in my inbox this morning...well done Steve and Ron
  13. es347

    a hand drill that works everywhere’re welcome
  14. es347

    ..check out the new 9 Ultras from VSA

    ..hey Leif are you talking about the CMS Rize Footers? I’ve got them on my VR5s and the improvement was not subtle..

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