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    Sonus Faber Stradivari ....

    Still using original feet but reinforced with underneath seismic platform of Townshend audio.
  2. Emre Üçöz

    Sonus Faber Stradivari ....

    Congrats on Strads. a good solid state is giving a much better performance. I have used it with MBL 9008A monos than with gryphon Antileon signature stereo and since last 7 years with Soulution 7 series pre and stereo amp.
  3. Emre Üçöz

    The best simplest mains to subwoofer integration?

    LL21 your explanation is really perfect. I was thinking the ame the other day. and was trying yo figure out how.
  4. Emre Üçöz

    SVS subwoofers

    Unfortunately Seaton is not available in Turkey. JL, KEF, Focal, Wilson, SVS, REL subs are available right now.
  5. Emre Üçöz

    SVS subwoofers

    Did anyone uses svs subs in their 2ch system? Is it worth the money? How is the performance vs JL audio subs?
  6. Emre Üçöz

    Sonus Faber Stradivari ....

    Cant give any opinion on the 35th anniversary version but Y would definitely go with the 3 year old model. Since that model was the pinnacle of Franco's design. Later all the new and old iterations have lost the SF sound.
  7. Emre Üçöz

    Amazing turntable photo collection.

    Thanks for the link, very nice concepts.
  8. Emre Üçöz

    Which subwoofer to go?

    Been long not to post anything to WBF. I am on the verge of deciding to include a subwoofer to the music system. I already acquired a JL Audio CR1 xover. I could not decide on which sub to go. My options are a 2nd hand JL Audio Gotham, JL Audio F113v2, REL G1, 2nd hand Verity Audio Rocco. But...
  9. Emre Üçöz

    How's does Spectral compare to Soulution ? Sound wise

    Cant comment on Spectral gear since it is not represented in Turkey. But since 5 years I am a very happy and loyal owner of Soulution 700's pre & power combo. I did several auditions vs Soulution combo but nevertheless in all of the cases Soulution was far better on imaging, bass control, really...
  10. Emre Üçöz

    Sonus Faber House Sound

    I am an SF user since many years now and currently happily using Stradivari since it was introduced. I was disappointed from SF sound with SF Fenice, SF Aida and SF Lilium. They all sound good can compete with a lot of very good speakers but they are not SF tough they look like it. The only...
  11. Emre Üçöz

    For Sale : Koetsu Urushi Vermillion

    One of the finest MC heads. I have bought it about a year ago for 2nd arm but since than I did not bought a 2nd arm and this gorgeous Koetsu was sitting and waiting its turn from Goldfinger. Fremer wrote in his review of Koetsu in 2008 "Regardless of musical and sonic tastes, I can't imagine...
  12. Emre Üçöz

    What is the best transport? (For those not interested in computer audio rabbit hole)

    I had esoteric p-03 for several years and last 3 years I am using Metronome Kalista reference and it is still far better than esoteric. Despite the fact that you can not word sync it with your dac. One clear advantage of metronome vs esoteric was the deliverance of transparency of the record and...
  13. Emre Üçöz

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    I just bought last weekend Sliver Tellus and I can tell you that it s one of the very few non-component musical magic/vodoo item. What it does is just simply amazing I initially hooked up to preamplifier via spade connector than changed to RCA plug. The overall quiteness that is achieving is...
  14. Emre Üçöz

    Solid state amp recommendations for Sonus Faber Stradivari ...

    Joe, I have driven my Strads so far with Gryphon Antileon Signature stereo than with MBL 9008A monos and finally since last 3 years with Soulution 710 stereo. I would say that so far thats the only SS that really can deliver what Strads are meant to be. In the meantime I have home auditioned...

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