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    best cost no object, cables

    Thanks G! I agree with you. The Lacorde cables are truly excellent. I don't like the word best since it really doesn't mean anything its just hype speak. I have tried with the CH and my speakers MIT, Transparent, AQ, and Nordost V2 and Odin2. All of these are good companies and make quality...
  2. Elliot G.

    Axpona Canceled Until August

    I just booked and paid for my sleeping rooms for Axpona 2021. I am optimistic that we will be able to gather and have a HI FI show again. For many small manufacturers and distributors these are very important in getting our products seen and heard. This is even more important in these times...
  3. Elliot G.

    Göbel Divin Marquis

    Just for the record I personally am not a fan of bi-wiring. I like bi-amping particularly vertically bi-amping speakers with identical amplifiers. This however isn't required or even necessary but like many things in audio what's required really isn't the point or the end game. The speakers...
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    Goebel Divin Marquis
  5. Elliot G.

    Göbel Divin Marquis

    Understanding how the speaker works and how the tweeter is set in the tractic Flare mounting it is important in my room sitting where I do that the tweeters be aimed in this way. I spent a lot of time doing this and getting the tweeter height and angle perfectly aligned. The speakers shown at...
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    Göbel Divin Marquis

    NO! there are NO new features. We are not like some of those other companies LOL
  7. Elliot G.

    Göbel Divin Marquis

    there is about 6 feet/2m behind the chairs to the back of the room
  8. Elliot G.

    John Atkinson /Stereophile Review of the Divin Marquis Check it out here is the link to the full review of the Divn Marquis from Oliver Gobel
  9. Nordost Odin Series 2 Supreme Reference Speaker cables 3.0 meter pair ( 10 foot pair) with spades

    Nordost Odin Series 2 Supreme Reference Speaker cables 3.0 meter pair ( 10 foot pair) with spades

    Nordost Odin series 2 speaker cables in excellent condition, plastic still on the wooden pieces. Retail Price is 48,099 for the pair. I took these in recently from a client who is the original owner. Used in air conditioned , smoke, pet and child free room. Work perfectly and look like new...
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    Göbel Divin Marquis

    I worked out an interesting tool to help align the speakers and to get the tweeter height and the speakers level perfectly using laser and this target which is not positioned where i use it but rather where it can be seen. Audio bullseye :)
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    My visit to CH Precision

    good choice as to once you buy one of their pieces you never have to sell it just add more boxes LMAO
  12. Elliot G.

    My visit to CH Precision

    I know you are poking fun Howie but CH is not one of the companies that grinds it owners through changing the gear every year or two. They are not discontinuing anything just adding a new state of the art amp and preamp. The thing i like about them and so do my clients os if you want to upgrade...
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    MIT Oracle Max SHD Robert Harley

    if you read the latest RH review of the Wilson 300k speaker these are not listed in his equipment list that he is using Marty
  14. Elliot G.

    Goebel Divin Marquis

    THe Bending Wave driver is unique. It is one of a kind and does things that no other driver can do. It is a single full range device from 160hz to over 30,000 hz. It has no phase issues so it is singular in its ability to be PURE. Having said that Oliver has used this device and the technology...

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