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October 4
The Place To List Your Gear
Quad ESL-63 Speakers
Audiomat Prelude Reference MKII Stereo Receiver
Triode TRV-CD5SE CD Player
Rega Anniversary Turntable, Audio Note Zero Phono Stage
Naim Uniti Core Server (to rip CDs before transferring to Roon Nucleus)
Berkeley Audio DAC Reference Series 2
Audio Alchemy DMP-1 + PS-5 Power Supply

Sony 65” 4K TV and DISH DVR
Arcam SR250 A/V Receiver, used only as the video switcher
Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver, used as the audio switcher
Spendor FL-6 Speakers
OPPO UDP-205 DVD Player
ROKU Ultra Streamer
Pioneer CLD-99 Laser Disc Player

WINDOWS DESKTOP Intel Extreme Core i7 motherboard
Dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 10
Audiomat Arpege Integrated tube amp
Spendor S3/5 Speakers
Rega Planet CD Player
Oppo BDP-83SE DVD Player
Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC
Audio Alchemy DMP-1
Berkeley Alpha USB
Roon Nucleus

WINDOWS DESKTOP Core i5 motherboard
Windows 7 Pro
ASUS Xonar Essence STX II Sound Card
Meridian 551 Integrated Amp
Spendor S3/5 Monitor Speakers
Retired Software Development Engineer


1. Quad ESL-63 speakers, Audiomat Prelude Reference MKII integrated tube amp, Berkeley Audio DAC Reference Series 2+, Naim Uniti Core, Audio Alchemy DMP-1 + PS-5 Power Supply, Rega RP40 Anniversary Edition turntable with Audio Note Zero II Phono Stage, Triad TRV-CD5SE integrated tube CD Player, Nakamichi DR-1 Cassette Tape Player + Ethernet Switch

2. Vizio 60” Ultra HD Smart TV and DISH DVR, Spendor FL-6 Speakers, Arcam SR-250 two channel AVR for video, Pioneer SX-1050 for audio, OPPO UDP-205 DVD, ROKU streamer, Pioneer CLD-99 Laser Disc Player

3. Windows Core i7 Desktop, Spendor S3/5 Speakers, Audiomat Arpege Integrated tube amp, OPPO 83SE DVD, Roon Nucleus, Berkeley Alpha USB, Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC + PS-5 Power Supply

4. Windows Core i5 Desktop, Spendor S3/5 Speakers, Meridian 551 integrated amp


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