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    Takatsuki 300b tubes

    Not sure whether you have bought these yet but I think I remember that Simon Shilton at SJS Electroacoustics is importing them to the UK?
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    DaVa FC-A1 a field coil contender

    Many thanks to both of you, I'll order in early April once I see some funds starting to flow! David
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    DaVa FC-A1 a field coil contender

    Can I ask how people feel about the DaVa's now they have been using them for several months? I have held off purchasing one as my income tends to be very seasonal, even more so now with the effects of Covid, but with April (and therefore work and hopefully income) approaching I'm starting to...
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    Aries Cerat Talos Signature Worth It?

    I think you need to concentrate on the designers favoured sound signature for his equipment rather than just gain, too much gain can overload your preamp and be as bad or worse than too little. You really have to listen to phono stages, especially at the level you are talking about, and...
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    Aries Cerat Talos Signature Worth It?

    To reiterate some thing Mike said in post 2 I think it would be very hard to go wrong with an Emia SUT made to match your cartridge together with an Emia phono stage. I have been lucky enough to borrow one of the Emia copper phono stages for a few months (possibly the only time the UK lockdowns...
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    GrooveMaster II Tonearms

    Thank you! I'll try it with one arm and see how it goes.
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    GrooveMaster II Tonearms

    I think you mentioned a while ago that Alfred Bokrand's modified Ortofon arms fit into the Groovemaster base? Do you think that the new VTA mount would work with them as well? I notice it has a collet so it should be adjustable for small differences in diameter. I have two of the Bokrand arms...
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    David Karmeli's Natural Sound in Utah

    Very interesting and inspirational write up. I think I'd really like DDK's systems! The big takeaway for me was your references to "natural" sound rather than the more typical "stygian bass and airy highs". I stepped away from the "audiophile"path 20 years ago when my "high end" system at the...
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    Best phono stage

    Hi, you are obviously keen on the Thoress, have you had a chance to hear one in your system yet? I'm interested in it in principle but am slightly wary after Tom's (montesquieu's) review. Also having read the manual and also had a brief email exchange with Reinhard I'm slightly worried about...
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    Where do you delete the filters? Also do they reappear when the inevitable Roon "upgrade" comes along?
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    Help needed: Question about the impedance on an SUT?

    Rather than answering your question myself I would suggest you read this: where I think all of your questions are answered fairly well. Good luck David Whistance
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    Metal Mats

    Thank you. I have tried to source a Hiraga pigskin mat in the past but they seem to be unobtainable. I do have an Audiosilente suede one which should be similar though. I will look out for a Micro Seiki mat, I think there is a repro one being made in the Netherlands at the moment if I remember...
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    Metal Mats

    What make is the gunmetal mat? I have a Tenuto that I used all the time before I got my "Stefano" bronze platter but have been using an Auditorium 23 mat since as I think it sounds better. I'm interested to try the Microseiki copper mat and indeed the Shindo lead/fabric one as Stefano uses and...
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    Looking for 845 Amplifier advice / ideas

    My experience is that push pull lacks some of the midrange "magic" of SET's but you do gain at the frequency extremes. However well designed SET's are certainly not lacking in either bass or treble, even though that is many peoples perception of them. I suspect that in many cases the output...

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