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    Help needed: Question about the impedance on an SUT?

    Rather than answering your question myself I would suggest you read this: where I think all of your questions are answered fairly well. Good luck David Whistance
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    Metal Mats

    Thank you. I have tried to source a Hiraga pigskin mat in the past but they seem to be unobtainable. I do have an Audiosilente suede one which should be similar though. I will look out for a Micro Seiki mat, I think there is a repro one being made in the Netherlands at the moment if I remember...
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    Metal Mats

    What make is the gunmetal mat? I have a Tenuto that I used all the time before I got my "Stefano" bronze platter but have been using an Auditorium 23 mat since as I think it sounds better. I'm interested to try the Microseiki copper mat and indeed the Shindo lead/fabric one as Stefano uses and...
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    Looking for 845 Amplifier advice / ideas

    My experience is that push pull lacks some of the midrange "magic" of SET's but you do gain at the frequency extremes. However well designed SET's are certainly not lacking in either bass or treble, even though that is many peoples perception of them. I suspect that in many cases the output...
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    Looking for 845 Amplifier advice / ideas

    I suggest you have a chat with Simon Shilton at SJS Electroacoustics. I think Kevin has a set of his phono, pre and 300B power amps on dem and knows him very well. I have one of his PSE 2A3 amps which I really like but have been speaking to him about higher power SET's, in my case 211's. As well...
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    SET amp owners thread

    Thank you, I've been intending to try them for ages. I'll send off for some ready for the New Year.
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    Etsuro Gold MC Cartridge in house

    I was lucky enough to visit Thomas Mayer at his workshop on a trip to France and Germany in October last year. Unfortunately I arrived rather early for my "demo" so rather than starting with his "low end" phono stage, preamp and power amps my first exposure to his amplifiers was the fully...
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    I-Qual Vacuum Disc Mate IQ1300A (Vacuum platter)

    Interesting, I'm keen to know how well it works. David Whistance
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    Armboard materials

    Lovely, I must admit I'm a bit jealous. Did Peak do these for you to fit their plinth? David Whistance
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    Cable Burn-in Devices - Looking for Recommendations

    I own a FryBaby which I've used on all my cables, I can't explain why but it does seem to work, the cables sounding much "richer" after treatment with more extended treble and bass. I've also lent it to friends who have experienced the same. The biggest impact was on tonearm cables, presumably...
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    To SUT or not to SUT?

    I think it is instructive to see the specs of the cartridges Tom (Montesquieu) say's work best with his SUT's and compare them with the specs of the cartridges he is using with his head amp. I am inclined to think that most cartridges with "modern" specs (for example 0.5mV output, ohm impedance...
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    To SUT or not to SUT?

    I have an Entre ET-100 SUT. It's very flexible taking inputs from three arms and allowing a choice of 40x, 20x, 10x step up's (plus passthrough for MM cartridges) on any of those inputs. Because of it's flexibility I like mine very much, particularly when trying a new cartridge, though it can't...
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    Two pairs: My Sonic Lab Eminent Solo mono and Hyper Eminent cartridges, plus Glanz MH-104S and MH-124S tonearms

    Yes, very nice. I must admit I'm a little jealous! What are the headshells you are using, they don't look like the Glanz ones? Also is that a Shun Mook record clamp? Your thoughts on that would be interesting as well... David Whistance
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    Comparing Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP to Lampizator Pacific

    Thank you Christoph, given my choice of valves for the TRP (Psvane ACME 274B, GEC KT66's) do you have any suggestions for valves to have on hand next time I get a chance to try out the Pacific? It seems sensible to source them in advance. David Whistance

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