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    The Serpent Queen | Official Trailer | STARZ

    She was a poisoner, mother in love, despot and the mastermind behind a massacre. The dark legend of Catherine de Medici is centuries old and as Queen of France she ruled with an iron fist. Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book "Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France." Two...
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    House Of The Dragon-Prequel to Game Of Thrones

    Meh, was a a huge fan of Game of Thrones but this seems to evolve more into a soap opera with the occasioneel dragon thrown in than anything else…
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    Linear audiophile power supply upgrade

    I'm looking for a power supply adapter for my turntable with the same specifications and connectors as shown here. This one is damaged as you can see here. Any suggestions?
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    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    Ah okay I'll delete it then. Didn't read all the previous posts.

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