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    Ozark Season Four

    Thanks for the information.Set the date.
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    Changes in the back end...

    Very nice room and system that shouts “put some music on!”
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    Magico M3 .vs. Gryphon Pantheon

    Had my Pantheons for just over 3 years and enjoy them immensely.Classic speaker in the ilk of the Ls3/5a. I have owned both,the latter in the late 70s/early80s that I had to sell as education required funds sadly. Someone will get a great system and I would advise buying the lot as the system...
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    Boulder to Gryphon

    Your room looks great. Looking forward to your impressions over the next few weeks. The ribbon tweeter takes quite a while to run in before it sounds its best.
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    Spiral Grove Centroid vs Kuzma 4-Point (on GPA Monaco 2.0)

    Thanks so much for the detailed research.
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    Spiral Grove Centroid vs Kuzma 4-Point (on GPA Monaco 2.0)

    Glad you’re happy with the Kuzma.Really interested in your micro VTA adjustments for different thicknesses of vinyl.
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    Spiral Grove Centroid vs Kuzma 4-Point (on GPA Monaco 2.0)

    Curious if you have reached any conclusions as yet? Agree that it is so easy to use.
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    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    He won’t be returning it because of the bass….
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    When do you stop upgrading?

    When the bankruptcy court rules against you……
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    Lps that disappointed you sound wise

    Florence and the Machine- dreadful on vinyl.
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    Karan Acoustics Phono Stage

    I’d be really interested too.
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    Marc Cohn - Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Reissue

    I think that’s a really good summation .
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    Marc Cohn - Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Reissue

    It’s a very good musically, just one you have to listen past the recording.
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    Marc Cohn - Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Reissue

    I have a copy and it sounds better than the original,but is still quite opaque/”thick “ and lacking in dynamics. First time I played it I was disappointed and my opinion has not changed.
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    Whatsbestforums Super Disc List

    Automatic disqualification for Kenny G…….

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