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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Undecided between Sablon 2020 USB and Network Acoustics ENO USB3. Both similar price and superlative feedback. Wondering if anyone had a chance to compare these two cables.
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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Thanks the website does not seem to respond.
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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Does Sablon Audio have email? Would like to contact them thanks.
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    iFi audio NOVA and SUPANOVA: The Official Thread

    Would’nt the Supanova be a duplication of ANC w/c the Elite also have? Too much filtering might result in lifeless sonics. I cannot audition before purchase so need advise. Has someone at IFI actually tried these power cables w/ the Elitw? Thanks.
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    iFi audio NOVA and SUPANOVA: The Official Thread

    Hi IFI Audio, question what do you recommend between supanova and nova as replacement power supply from Elite to power conditioner (Shunyata).

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