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    The Tannoyista Funk Firm Houdini / Achromat review

    Yes I believe it is. Maybe better executed. About 15 years ago a whole group of us on a DIY forum experimented with isolators on our cartridges following the Cartridgeman's device. Ultimately we seemed to migrate back to where we started.
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Marc has asked me to post photos of his system.
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    Count Taffy the Terrible of Redgrave

    Marc I have a video which I will upload (did want to do it correctly when I tried from FB)....anyway in honor of the beauty..... (I had also been tempted with Penelope, Lady Penelope. It was a toss of a coin).
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    Count Taffy the Terrible of Redgrave

    By way of update, Count Taffy has been joined, though at present contiues to be, frankly, unimpressed, by Princess Purdey of Redgrave.
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    Who’s up for a $2800 fuse?

    Fools and their money comes to mind with this.
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    "Exclusive" find

    The green pcb is where rotation speed is monitored and fedback to the controller. Similar to Sony 's magnetic strip, Onkyo's "comb".
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    "Exclusive" find

    There isn't much that wasn't done 40 years ago in turntables. All the big Japanese companies threw all their technical might, knowledge and resources including financial, behind these statement products. It wasn't a cottage industry. The difference was there was a complete undeserved and...
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    "Exclusive" find

    They were different. in may respects the closest is the Onkyo PX100M, though that has no magnets. Similar insofar as the rotor passes through the coils on either side. Only the copper platter is the rotor.
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    "Exclusive" find

    Great TT. Enjoy and i look forward to seeing your project evolve. The arms are available from time to time. Japan is the best place. Good arm, some of the wands better than others. They are very cartridge dependent.
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    First Covid 19 vaccine recipient

    Not 100% proven. Some have suggested, China to an American military camp, then to Europe in the trenches. At the time German, US , UK & French troops suffered from it. None of them wanting to admit to it because of morale, named it "Spanish flu" as Spain was neutral in WWI. Spain was not...
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    Acoustic Treatment for Small Listening Rooms: Absorption vs. Diffusion

    Very interesting and thank you for the explanation. Interestingly I have over the holiday changed my room around, moving the speakers from the livelier end to the deader end. The outcome has not been as successful as I hoped. I have had to move damping out of the dead end. Still got work to do...
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    Happy Holidays!

    Salutations and a very merry Christmas to one and all.
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    HumminGuru - an inexpensive desktop RCM

    Thanks Tim Looks interesting. I presume "ultrasonic" is the way to go. My RCM is the traditional camel hair brush and vacuum.
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    Technics SP-10 MKII

    Fidelity Research FR64fx
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    Technics SP-10 MKII

    Mine is mounted on layered birch ply plinth about 30kg in all with FR64x and either AT33PTG/II or AT33EV and they work really well. In fact surprisingly well.

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