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    Best Countries to Visit?

    agree with Tofino and Long Beach. I also enjoy the drive from Nanaimo. While planning for the trip I was wondering why such a long time for such a short drive (I think 250kms).. twists and turns highway speed limit changing very often.. I like it, almost like playing a video game
  2. Dimfer

    thinking to buy Luxman M900u mono , what other similar amps should i look? for Focal Maestro

    Check out Gryphon Mephisto Solo.. .013 ohm. a friend bought these because of this ability
  3. Dimfer

    Hard Drive and computer question

    I considered the above option but not sure if it would bring any negative effect on the overall performance of the server. a fanless way of keeping things cool, and away from the rest of the (computer)system.
  4. Dimfer

    Hard Drive and computer question

    would these docking stations be a good option? they can also serve as offline duplicator
  5. Dimfer

    Hard Drive and computer question

    I have everything in the server in the NAS as well and intend to I have a couple of NAS setup, everything in the server is in the NAS. one serve as backup of the other. Roon core use the files inside the server, Lumin app use the NAS.
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    Hard Drive and computer question

    Questions for the WBF computer gurus; with my ever growing music collection, I want to redo my custom built music server (Roon core). I currently have about 30,000 titles, mostly FLAC, SACD rips, and hi res downloads. currently total storage is 18tb spread in 4 drives. My goal is long term...
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    La Assoluta

    backup speaker standing just outside the audio room. smaller pair is Gryphon Trident. the other pair is a custom built pair designed by him.
  8. Dimfer

    La Assoluta

    system is owned by a seasoned audiophile.. when he and his friends went to Munich Highend, Tidal closed their room for them for a few hours, they bought 2 pairs. I sometimes think I know audio, but whenever I talk to this guy, I am reminded how little I know :cool: I don’t think he is part of...
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    La Assoluta

    Currently stuck in Manila because of the Taal volcano eruption.. Got a chance to listen to a couple of very good systems owned or designed by friends. One of them is a friend's TLA driven by Gryphon amps. He also has an incoming pair of Tenor hybrids. I listened to this system in 2018 while he...
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    Most beautiful amp and or preamp

    no mention of Metaxas stuff yet?:cool:
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    From aquarium room to audio room

    My asian arowanas died in 2016. Room remained vacant for 3 yrs. My former aquarium room is now a small dedicated audio room. cannot rearrange pictures first picture is reverse angle from the speakers. second picture is the 1360 gal aquarium that used to be in the same spot third picture is...
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    Generator Inverter

    now that cold weather is upon us and wife seeing people without power in the cold for days in the news, she had been bugging me to get a new generator as a backup power source for home use. We currently have a 1300 watt gas unit. We barely lose power here in Edmonton, never had to use the unit...
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    I got a full Burmester system....

    congrats.. A P car?

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