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    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    all the Clippers need is do load management in the playoff as well
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    Most Respected Amplifier Designers

    I might be biased because he is a friend.. Rod Teope... small time, old school, no direct access to internet to do research, very limited resources... but make beautiful sounding tube amps and pre amps. his magic sauce is his transformers, which he winds according to the specific needs of any...
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    Best Non Selective Weed Killer

    what’s the best non selective weed killer available to consumers?
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    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    warm welcome to WBF Brett..I hope you enjoy your stay here.. I hope you enjoy your A5, I was about to send you an email to ask for your initial impression, and then saw your post here :cool:
  5. Dimfer

    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    these boxes in my vehicle right now
  6. Dimfer

    Best "bang for the buck" DAC

    I am currently using SW1X DAC 3 Signature tube DAC alternatively to Lumin X1..I think it sound very musical and while not cheap, I think it represent a good value for investment. Hoping to upgrade to their Level 5 DHT. they have a very wide range of DACs pricewise and people who heard their...
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    Best Dedicated Listening Room You've Ever Heard?

    my friend Tony Go’s room in his office in Manila.. temporary home for his TLA but it sounded really good to my ringing ears
  8. Dimfer

    Goebel Divin Noblesse Speakers in Da House!

    very nice, congrats and enjoy them in hood health
  9. Dimfer

    From aquarium room to audio room

    thanks defride.. room is small - 12’ wide x 17‘ long x 8’ tall (9’ rear half).
  10. Dimfer

    From aquarium room to audio room

    I really like the SB16 Ultras, the app makes it easier to integrate with the main system because you can control the subs’ settings while seated in the listening position. my main speakers are Magico S7, currently driven by PS Audio BHK300
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    From aquarium room to audio room

    thanks gents.. I moved the VSA Shockwave V15 out of the room and replaced it with 2 SVS SB16Ultras.
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    Coronavirus ...

    yep, click on my post, it is a link to a news report. just saw it on CBC as well
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    What is your ambient room spl level?

    24 db, I am breathing
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    Coronavirus ...

    Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive

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