New Jersey (U.S.)
The Place To List Your Gear
All fully rebuilt and modded to the point of significantly "upgraded one-of-a-kind(s)":

1966 Magnecord 1024 1/2, 1/4-track reel to reel.
1971 Akai GX-365 1/4-track reel to reel.
1976 Dokorder 1120 1/4-track reel to reel.

Tandberg 3080 integrated amp (1979).
Sansui AU-555 integrated amp (1970).

Luxman (Alpine-era) DZ-100 CD player (1991).
Sony CDP-69ES carousel player (1996).
Denon DCD-1800 (1984).

Acoustic Research 3a speakers (circa 1969); with modern mid and tweeter replacement domes, 14awg internal rewiring, metal polypropylene 630vdc crossover capacitors installed.
The Place To List Your Reference Tracks

Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops: Overture Medley to "Jesus Christ Superstar"; Polydor, 1971.

Stravinsky conducts the 50th anniversary of "The Rites of Spring"; Columbia Symphony Orchestra, 1962.

Bernstein/Entrémont/N.Y. Phil: Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2; Columbia, 1961.

Wilhelm Rohr/North German Radio Orchestra: Movements 3 + 4 to Korsakov's "Scherazade"; Bel-Canto, 1957.

London Phase 4 Stereo: "Million Dollar Classical Sampler" (excerpts featuring: Munch/Stokowski/Leinsdorf/Black); London ffrr, 1967.

Steinberg/Pittsburgh Symphony: Beethoven "Eroica"; Command, 1963.

Robert Russell Bennett/Rodgers: Victory at Sea Vol. 3 "Full Fathom Five"; RCA, 1961.

Ormandy/Stern/Phila. Orchestra: Brahms Violin Concerto; Columbia, 1962.

Lerner & Loewe: My Fair Lady original London Cast; Columbia, 1959.

Lerner & Loewe: Camelot original Broadway Cast; Columbia, 1961.

Sondheim: Company original Broadway Cast; Columbia, 1970.
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